Inflatable Pet Float $40

The perfect way to keep your pups dry and cool on warm days!

Sweet Potato & Basil Dog Treats $10

100% natural, these treats will keep your dog happy, healthy, and tail wagging!


PupShow™ Orthopedic Cuddler Bed $54.95

Designed to ease joint pain and provide maximum support, make sure your dog gets the best sleep ever!

Pet First Aid Kit $24.95

First Aid Kits are not just for humans…dogs can get hurt too!

Wipes for All-purpose Cleaning & Stain Removal $9.99 

Hydrogen Peroxide based wipes that will get rid of stains, grime, dirt, and odors…and made with naturally derived ingredients? Yes!

Sweet Paws Silicone Teether $12

Perfect for teething puppies, you can wear this teether as a bracelet and keep your pups happy, always!


Lyxvara™ Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo (16oz) $12.99

A shampoo that provides relief from itchy, scaling, and sensitive skin AND moisturizes! 


Grass-Fed Beef Bully Stick Bites $19.95

Treats that are 100% natural, single-ingredient dog chew that helps keep your pup’s teeth clean and healthy!

Cover Photo by Lum3n from Pexels