Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadow

The Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadow is more than just a long-lasting liquid eye shadow. It’s buildable, can be used without a primer and works as an eyeliner as well. It lasts a full 24 hours so you can keep your day look on for the night with no worries. The color range also varies from bronze to rose gold to pinks and more. The product is also vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. The eyeshadow also won’t break your bank as you can get one for just $20.

The Liquid Silk Canvas Primer

They say that you need a good foundation to build off anything, but when it comes to makeup the foundation won’t matter if the primer can’t do its job. What’s the point of buying an expensive foundation if it’s just going to patch up or come off your face? This Liquid Silk Canvas Primer from Tatcha will prep your face to look good all day. It protects your skin from pollutants in makeup to keep your pores from clogging. It also blurs imperfections and helps even your skin tone. Most importantly it makes your makeup glide on easily and last longer. The primer is oil-free as well, so you don’t have to worry about blotting your face all day. For $52 you can get a 1 oz. bottle.

Hey Dewy
Portable Facial Humidifier 

2020 is quickly shaping into the year of self-care. Although a face mask may seem like the best way of treating your self, staying healthy is the best to care for yourself. Hey Dewy is a great start to that. The humidifier can moisturize and hydrate your face and your hair at the same time. It does this while also clearing your synesis so you can be at your top health. It’s much more functional than your typical humidifier as it’s portable and has a 10-hour capacity. This means you can use it at work, on your long commute or anywhere in your house. You can buy one for just $39 and 10% of your purchase will be donated to The Water Project.