Evading the frigid evening air, guests attending the Cool HeART contemporary art gallery warmed up with the hottest works in the contemporary art world.  Located at the sleek Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, last night’s Cool HeART gallery certainly lived up to its name. This event showcased the work of renowned celebrity photographer Giuliano Beckor, as well as pieces from street artist James Goldcrown and self-taught artist Tiffany Anderson.  Guests were treated to satiating food and drink, as well as modern musical mixes to complement the innovative pieces on display.

Cool HeART offered an unforgettable event for Angelenos and art enthusiasts alike.  The variety of paintings, sculptures, and neons set the mood for an electric night of cutting-edge creations.  Complete with a bustling red carpet, the event was teeming with talent who came to celebrate the art. Guests, clad in fashion-forward attire, were drawn to the event’s unique collection.  Guests even brushed elbows with the likes of Dame Dash, Evan Ross, Torrei Hart, Briona Ashly, Savannah Kennick, Belle Adams, and more. The party raged on until the wee hours of the morning as guests enjoyed Sofitel’s stylish restaurant, bar, and DJ.  


By Sam Spotswood