This week, the members of JAGMAC took to the beaches of Miami to shoot the music video of their new single “Like a Band.” Their powerful energy matched well with the raying sunshine that stood over them as they put their creative minds together. All styled up, there have been some photos released of their time in Miami and it is obvious that final cut will be bright and colorful. A perfect song to kick off summer and definitely rising up in the top hits to listen to. We can tell, fans of JAGMAC are definetly excited for the release of their music video!!!

JAGMAC is a group of six siblings that started in January 2015 in their hometown Baltimore. In 2018, they were awarded Radio Disney’s “NBT” (next big thing) and rose up quickly after that. They have toured around in their first multi-city U.S. concert bus tour and came out with a few hits suchs as “Be Honest,” “Like Me,” and more. Each member of this pop sensation group is unique in their own way but together, they create something amazing. Inspiring their audiences from all over, JAGMAC is rising up quickly in the music industry. They just filmed one video but cannot wait for the many to come!

By Alexandra Bonnet

Instagram @jagmacmusic