BELLO is all about self-expression and being unique. What better way to accomplish that than with SHALAJ?! Put simply, graphic tees are wearable art. They are the most straightforward way to visually express something about your personality. The graphics can show the places you’ve been, the music you listen to, or the artistic aesthetic you find yourself drawn to. Most graphic tees represent the brand that made them and it’s a great way to show your support of the brand. It’s truly a modern medium for artistic expression. With tie-dye, sketches, patchwork, graffiti, and geometric figures, this season’s myriad of prints bring a higher meaning of art to fashion, and with tees from SHALAJ, it’s easy to get graphic.


NMB New York

Designer Natalie Brown has based her brand on her thesis collection from Parsons School of Design, where she graduated in 2020 with honors in Fashion Design following an undergraduate degree in Art from Elon University. From Peachtree City, Georgia to New York, she continues to expand her brand with amazing and unique pieces. NMB New York designs are based on upcycling, meaning that they take vintage clothing, deconstruct them, then use them as fabric to create new, upgraded NMB original clothing. No NMB piece of clothing looks the same, each is an original, giving every customer their own unique expression. NMB aims to rebrand the idea of upcycling, giving it a fresh edge and luxury feel, whilst making strides toward a fashionably cleaner world and a healthier environment. Reduced waste never looked so good.