IFGfit, the sensational activewear-brand was founded by a veteran orthopedic sports medicine surgeon who realized that there was a strong need for “better human performance innovation and sports injury prevention after decades in his field.” His mother also played a big role in his motivation as she battled late stage cancer. He wanted a better and healthier world. From these goals, he was able to create a brand of sportswear that brought those needs to the table.

The brand has just released a new collection featuring the first activewear collection that improves posture directly through wear. Its purpose being to instantly restore posture, relieve neck tension, and improve breathing. But how is this even possible? Well, IFGfit has come up with this line in which it incorporates an FDA-registered patented technology with unique fabric construction referred to as Posture, Performance and Recovery (PPR®).

This new wave of sportswear has a variety of pieces of clothing to choose from form bras to leggings for women and polos/shorts for men. Whether it be for a hard day at work or getting active, IFGfit offers you options that allow you to move freely, comfortably, and in fashion.

By Alexandra Bonnet

Product is now available at IFGfit.com

Photo: IFGfit