Photo by Dmitry Nucky Thompson on Unsplash

Buying gifts for anyone can be challenging. When birthdays and public holidays loom, there’s always the dread that creeps in when you know it’s time to purchase a gift for your friends, family members and loved ones. Ironic T-shirts and meme-covered mugs are fun, but what do you buy for those who are less frivolous, more inclined to thought, and who are more likely to appreciate very selected, considerate gifts rather than overpriced ones that try to replace sincerity with fiscal value. Well, that’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of gifts which might help narrow down your shopping list and cause considerably less head-scratching when Christmas comes by.

The Hemingwrite

If you know a writer (or someone who is aspiring to be one), then you’ll know that they can have a massive propensity for procrastination. How many times have you heard that someone was going to write their memoir or that blog post only to find out that they spent three hours browsing Facebook and watching music videos on YouTube? The internet is full of distractions, and distractions are the antithesis of good writing. That’s why something like the Hemingwriteis a perfect gift for aspiring wordsmiths. It’s a no-frills word processor that removes all the extraneous features of a laptop that can distract someone from writing and instead offers only the bare bones necessary for putting words down on digital paper. While it has all the functionality of a typewriter, it’s not completely analog. Once you’ve finished your work, you can store it digitally to ensure that it won’t get lost if deleted.

A secondhand watch

Watches are a symbol of taste and refinement. Different watches are worn by distinct types of people for various reasons, and everyone has their niche. That’s why they make a great gift, but they’re also eye-wateringly expensive. For that reason, it’s prudent to buy a secondhand timepiece from a reputable brandthat still carries all of the status but half of the price tag. Whether it’s Tissot, Rolex, or Omega, they’re easy enough to come by thanks to the proliferation of secondhand luxury watch websites, as the only tough part is choosing a watch that the receiver will like and identify with.

A magazine subscription

A magazine subscription is a failsafe method when you’re out of ideas. No, we’re not talking about People or Heat magazine here (unless your receiver is so inclined), but rather a more niche magazine that appeals to their interests. And that’s the best part about subscriptions like this: there are magazines out there that appeal to everyone. Whether it’s art, literature, robots, radio, the internet, entrepreneurship, cooking, gardening or even taxidermy, it’s impossible not to find a magazine subscription out there for a specific interest. For those who are into indie magazines, consider Stack. Having a subscription means that each month, a different independent magazine will be delivered, opening the reader up to a ton of diverse content that they would have never discovered otherwise.