Online selling is one of the main ways people have gotten rich on the internet. Many businesses sell online via easy-to-set-up stores and platforms like Shopify, Depop or Wix, or even through established international selling giants like eBay or Amazon. As a result, there are more opportunities than ever for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and an internet connection to make some money.

Here are our 3 key ideas to think about. We could never say you’ll learn how to sell online with just this short article. However, they should prove a very useful starting point from which you can jump off and start your online business selling journey.

1. Product and Scope (Ideas for Selling Online)

If you want to sell online, you’ve got to have a product.

A good product needs to be quite a few things. It needs a good profit margin – to make it worth doing. You can obtain that value through true craftsmanship and years of work….

Who are we kidding, who requires true value when you can make money?

A great product creates value through the desires and emotions attached to it. This is cheap and creates value with the least amount of work required.

It needs to be scalable so that when success comes, you can make the most of it. Ideally, this scalability implies an efficient means of mass production and availability.

That’s it. This product could be anything. A chair, t-shirts, notebooks, luxury bidets, and a course telling people how to sell on the internet.

If you can obtain it or make it easily (and in numbers), and it’s desirable with a high-profit margin – you have the potential for a top-selling online business product. Easy!

That’s a bit more time and effort than it takes to check out one of the $5 min deposit casino platform we’ve reviewed. Check them out, and you might win enough to hire someone to work out an entire business plan for you!

2. How to Sell Online: Setting up Shop

This depends on what you’re selling. For most physical products, a Shopify, Wix or BigCartel web store will be ideal.

You can set these up in just hours, and they’re massively customizable. Or you can pay someone to do it for you – as long as you have a clear idea of what you want before you start.

You want the site to be as visually appealing and efficient as possible, so people trust you from the get-go.

Alternatively, you can sell courses, books, and other creative works through Amazon, Audible, or on services like SkillShare. Your website store might still be useful here, though!

You can sell on Ebay, Depop or Amazon Marketplace too. But these are more for small-time sellers or people selling established products.

3. Promotion and Marketing: How to Sell Products Online Successfully

Once you’ve got a killer product and a good-looking store with all the info people want? Well, you need the people. To read the things they want, and buy the things you want them to.

How do you get people in? Well, if your product is good enough – by showing it to them.

The best way to sell products online is on social media. Get out there and learn to use the ad tools on Instagram and TikTok.

Make sure to come up with something creative and visually interesting. Not just a plain picture. Or, if you do that route – make it as professional as possible.

Once you’ve got several ad ideas, just a few hundred dollars of investment can help you reach hundreds of thousands of people with your product.

Anyway – if your product is good, and you have some cash to outlay, the above guide is (roughly) how you sell products online.

As we said, it’s not that simple. But nothing ever is. Hopefully, with these broad-selling online tips, you’ll have some idea of where to start!