Why settle for less? From all the dating websites and apps, here’s the secret to leveraging many dating apps to get what you want.

Every dating site in usa or app gives you a little something different. It’s fair to say that only a fraction of the users you’ll find on one platform have the same intentions as you – let alone live up to your “type” and standards. Trying to find a match can feel a lot like rustling through the discount bin at Walmart; you could have a total steal in there, or you could get to the bottom to find its all junk. For the humble user like us, there’s a lot of trial and error.

The key is not to settle for just one app. Instead, by knowing what you want from your dating experience and spreading your searches out across multiple platforms, the chances of getting the connections you want are high – and the chances of getting type-casted are low.

Here’s how you can leverage multiple dating sites and apps to get one great experience.

  1. Pick Sites Based On Your Mood  

People are multi-dimensioned beings, sometimes in contradictory ways. Just because you want a long-term, meaningful romance doesn’t mean a girl can’t crave a frisky hook-up now and then. The problem with having only one dating profile is you’re limited to the persona of that profile. If you feel like having a one night stand because, hey, you’re young and alive, then you’re going to set a reputation for yourself on the site and people will assume you want that all the time. Those seeking long-term relationships will pass you by out of profile type-casting. Instead, if you have one profile on Match.com, and another on the Be Naughty app, you can take full control of your dating experience to seek out what you want, when you want.

  1. Pick the Mood-Based Crowds That Suit You 

In the same way you’ll be type-casted on one dating profile, others will be too. If you’re looking for a meaningful romance, it’s frustrating to siphon through hook-up request after hook-up request. You’re just not in the mood. However, if you feel like starting up something with more gravity for Valentine’s Day, you can pop over to your other dating profile and know you’re being matched with a crowd that shares your intentions.

  1. Diversify Your Profiles

Let’s face it; it’s easy to find people on the internet these days. When it comes to online dating, you’ve likely heard or are taking the proper precautions to protect yourself from strangers, so no worries. But what about from family? Who wants their grandma scrolling through your flirty dating page? By having multiple profiles, each with a different picture, you’re spreading out the keywords attached to all of them and making it more difficult for Google to pull up your page specifically when someone keys in your name. If you can exclude your last name, then even better; how many people out there share your first name? If you have many profiles, it’s much like dusting your footprints. Google won’t be sure which is the real you, and depending on how vague your profile picture is, neither will your family or matches from other sites.

  1. Cast a Wider Net

Type-casting aside, let’s look at the mathematical benefits of multiple dating accounts.  Sure, there are people like you who try out a little bit of everything, but a vast majority pick their favorite site and stay loyal. Your dreamboat could’ve decided Tinder is their go-to, and if you don’t have an account, you’ve missed your chance at love. So by creating one across all major platforms – and a few new ones like Be Naughty, which is more private – your odds of running into a soul-mate with exclusive tastes are much higher.

  1. Pick Apps Based on Their Unique Advantages to Keep Things Tantalizing

We’re all familiar with what it means to “swipe left,” because the Tinder app has made it easy to accept and toss away potential matches. But they don’t have the monopoly on great app features, each of which could offer unique advantages to you. Bumble, for example, has the feature of encouraging women to message their matches within 24 hours – or the guy is off the digital market for her. Men can add an additional 24 hours if they really want to catch her eye, but it gives a sense of intrigue that makes you truly consider your options. Likewise, the Be Naughty App doesn’t hold gay or lesbian singles back from your search options, so for bi guys and girls who want to enjoy both teams, you don’t have to narrow yourself down to a single setting.

Leveraging the best dating sites all at once gives you the advantage of being your multi-faceted self and get the cream of the crop to choose from. Why settle for less?