Very fitting in our Obsession column here on BELLO Haruharu … how can I put this delicately? I am literally OBSESSED with everything they do. I am a sucker for packaging, it is for me a big part of the experience when it comes to beauty. I understand that many organic smaller companies do not always have the resources to pull out a great packaging that will reflect the quality of their product. But it does not mean that when you have the resources you do it right.

Haruharu not only did it right but their products are some of the best we have tried in a long time.

How clever and adorable to design small coffee cups for their Wonder creams. Wonder is a patented fermentation technology that delivers active ingredients deeper into the skin preserving its beauty from the inside.

Honey Green Brilliant Cream, Honey Green Reparative Cream and Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream (my favorite texture) each only cost $29 which is a really good price for that category of beauty products. I have been using the Aqua Bomb Cream in the morning because it is fresh and light and the Honey Green Reparative Cream at night for its nourishing qualities.

Their line of  Black Rice Hyaluronic (Anti-wrinkle Serum, Essence, Cream) is just a fantastic and has this cleaver design that even if you leave them on your bathroom counter it kinda gives it this zen rock design feel, just genius! Like you left it there on purpose …

This Korean based company has everything to become the best thing in the very competitive world of beauty.

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