Have you noticed that floral print in clothes never gets old and doesn’t lose popularity? The story of love for flowers began with love for a person, and is rooted in ancient spiritual traditions. And today, trendsetters, couturiers, subtly capture the trends of the time and strive to get ahead of it, skillfully reading the past time.

So how to apply a floral print in clothes?


Floral accessories

We start our selection not with a floral print, but with the most that neither is flowers in fashion.

Analyzing the trends of the 1980s and 2000s from season to season, designers finally got to jewelry. The result of these researches was a choker flower. These jewelry are actively worn by fashion influencers and street style stars, complementing a variety of looks with them. Perhaps the most popular model of the “flower” choker is a black rose on a thin cord or ribbon. It is enough just to tie it around the neck, placing the flower on the side or exactly in the middle.

Fresh flowers themselves are another fashionable accessory. It is fashionable to put them in a jacket pocket, pin them like a boutonniere to a jacket or jacket, or weave them into your hair. Chat with florist Dubai and order a flower arrangement from them. Firstly, a bouquet of fresh flowers will please your eye for a long time, and secondly, this is a huge number of accessories!

Sport Chic

If you think that floral print and sporty style are incompatible, you are wrong. This season, the Sport Chic style continues to be at the peak of fashion – voluminous bomber jackets, sweatshirts, leggings and leggings, knitted trousers with stripes and elastic cuffs, T-shirts and hoodies. All of these sporty, comfortable styles are presented in luxurious fabrics and complemented by sophisticated evening-dress finishes. And the most relevant print is the same floral. By the way, you can add it to the image not only in the form of clothes, but also in accessories, for example, a bag or a backpack in flowers will perfectly complement the set.

Floral print + other prints

A stripe is an excellent complement to a flowery print. The floral block’s multicolor and variegation complements the contrast and geometric stripes beautifully.

For example, wearing a floral skirt with a simple plain top is pretty boring, you must admit – the strip is much more expressive.

Different types of floral prints complement one other well, as long as they are mixed on a color basis (the combination can be monophonic or contrasting, with two floral designs differing in the primary hue).

The rule “variegated print + plain accessories” has long since become obsolete. You may mix many vibrant prints at the same time, and they will function together perfectly on the “pattern contrast” idea. Animal print, for example, may look great with a floral design as an accent.


Important rules for wearing a floral print

  • If you chose a floral dress for yourself, then your shoes must be in a neutral color scheme, or in the color that is used in the print.
  • The brighter and larger the pattern, the simpler the style of the thing to be worn should be. A small flower blurs the contours of the figure, so it should be worn very carefully so as not to seem like a rustic simpleton.
  • Lovely floral dresses go well with large-knit sweaters, this look is very gentle and feminine.
  • A large ornament gives volume to the image, so if your proportions are far from ideal, you should limit the use of large colors in the image!


The floral print adds femininity and romance to the image, and is not entirely appropriate in a business wardrobe, but outside the office it is very much in demand. Floral ornament makes the image very light, feminine, and summery. Each of you, by correctly shopping for clothes with this pattern, can create an attractive, delicate appearance.