The bohemian trend is one of those styles that will never go out of fashion. The bohemian style dates back to the 19th century when artists would rock the fashion. It symbolized a free-spirited and liberated society. Boho fashion expanded worldwide in the 1960s and everyone just loved the trend. The trend in those days was suede bags, florals, and coin belts.

Today, bohemian fashion is still popular and women love it because it is comfortable and gives a feel of authenticity. A lot of superstars have taken the boho clothing trend, even the most elegant and glamorous artists cannot evade boho fashion. Nowadays, street bohemian styles include patchwork denim, macrame dress, and pastel florals.

Some of the boho materials are; linen, crochet, leather, cotton, lace, suede, and denim. Bohemian patterns include floral, tribal, lattice, folk, paisley, and trellis. The common bohemian techniques include; tie-dye, macramé, distressed, or patchwork. In this article, get to know how you can rock the boho style in 2023.

One of the simple rules to apply when it comes to Boho style is to include both warm and cold color shades. Another tip is to include sister or cousin shades. For example, choose three shades of brown (maroon, latte, or caramel), alternatively, if it is blue (turquoise, sky blue, navy, and steel) the color mix tip will help to ensure that the clothes you have easily match adding to the versatility of each collection.

Put a lot of thought into your color scheme, especially when it comes to the prints. Avoid artificial or neon colors. Other elements to avoid are; artificial fabrics, plastic, and futuristic or minimalist jewelry. The bohemian style appears elegant in neutral and rich hues. The boho style is the best, especially for those who are not comfortable in too short dresses.

If you are determined to have a bohemian wardrobe in 2023, you need no more than 20 essential pieces. You can match one outfit with another one very easily. The main advantage of rocking bohemian is that almost all the outfits match each other. From tops to bottoms to accessories, here are some quick tips to help you rock the bohemian style in 2023.

What to look for:
• Loose and relaxed fits
• Three-quarter or half-length sleeves
• Added decorative trims like ethnic prints
• Mixed print designs
• Embroideries
• Off-shoulder or v-necklines cuts.

The Bottoms
What to look for:
• Flowery, flouncy skirts
• Mixed print skirts
• Relaxed fits
• Embroideries
• Flared pants

What to look for:
• Relaxed and loose fit
• Trumpet, bishop, or bell-style sleeves
• Off shoulder design
• Embroidery finishing
• Mixed print designs
• Half or three-quarter-length sleeves

What to look for:
• Embroidery finishing
• Suede ankle boots
• Gladiator sandals
• Platform or clunky heels
• Low cowboy boots
• Wood like finishing
• Natural and warm shades like beige, grey, and brown.


Bohemian accessories have a wide variety to choose from. For the fabric, a natural one is the best which includes canvas, leather, linen, wood, or rope. Prints and patterns are common in a typical bohemian style. From Mexican or African prints, the range of bohemian accessories is extensive.

What to look for:
• Ethnic prints
• Bucket style designs
• Mixed prints
• Perforated finishing
• Braid like finishing
• Rattan belts and bags

Coats and Outwears
What to look for:
• Decorated trims and fringes
• Relaxed and cozy outfits
• Slightly oversize silhouettes


Elevating Bohemian Fashion

You can choose to add pearls to your bohemian outfit. Pearl jewelry is a popular addition to a bohemian wedding theme. The most popular choices are pearl hairpins, pearl bracelets and anklets, pearl necklaces, and dangling pearl earrings.

Bohemian fashion comes with a lot of cuts and silhouettes. As a general rule, bohemian styles make use of natural materials in natural shades often inspired by art, ethnicity, and floral patterns.

Rocking the bohemian style in summer is a popular trend. It gives a summer party vibe and romance in the warm weather. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, you can rock boho in all seasons.

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