Photography William Randles

The skincare industry isn’t a billion-dollar industry for nothing. Everyone is looking for innovative ways to achieve better-looking skin. From getting rid of common skin conditions like acne or eczema to reducing the signs of aging, both men and women will try just about anything to look their best. Whether it’s expensive creams and serums or invasive cosmetic procedures, if there’s a chance it will give them the look they want, they’ll invest. 

Though there are a ton of effective solutions out there you can give a try, what many people fail to realize is that achieving the best-looking skin starts on the inside. When you’re providing your body with the proper vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, it automatically enhances your beauty in ways you wouldn’t imagine. 

While getting these vitamins, nutrients, and minerals are often best from your diet, an alternative solution would be to purchase dietary supplements from a supplement store. Here’s a list of what you’ll need: 

Vitamin A

If you’re trying to get rid of acne or often struggle with breakouts, your dermatologist might recommend that you take vitamin A. Vitamin A is packed with antioxidants that help to significantly reduce the production of oil in the skin. These powerful antioxidants also help to reduce the production of free radicals which can damage the skin. If you’re deficient in vitamin A, the dead skin cells accumulate causing your pores to become clogged and breakouts to develop. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another supplement you want to have in your beauty arsenal. That’s because it is great for reducing scarring, hyperpigmentation, and adding an extra glow to your skin. Vitamin C has been proven to help increase the production of collagen, repair sun damage, hydrate the skin, heal scars, and reduce the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. 


Looking to defy the signs of aging? You may not have to look any further than taking a collagen supplement. Collagen is a protein naturally found in the body that helps to maintain your skin’s strength and elasticity. As you age, you lose the natural collagen in your body which is often why you see increased sagging and wrinkly skin. Taking one supplement a day can take years off your face. 


Stress or hormonal-related breakouts could be the direct result of limited magnesium in your diet. Magnesium is great for improving the overall look and feel of your skin. It is responsible for lowering levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), rebalancing hormones, and enhancing cellular function. Taking a supplement with magnesium each day can reduce inflammation, reduce cortisol, and enhance the benefits of vitamin C. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is notoriously found in many skin care products. Why? Well, because it is one of the most essential vitamins for helping to protect the skin from sun damage. While you still need to protect yourself by wearing sunscreen and other forms of protection (hats or sunglasses), taking vitamin E daily can help to repair acute sunburns. Vitamin E can also neutralize free radicals and improve your skin’s durability. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Inflammation is a huge culprit when it comes to painful breakouts. You can reduce inflammation by taking omega-3 fatty acids. They’re very effective for the skin as well as reducing inflammation throughout the body. It can be recommended by a dermatologist for those that suffer from psoriasis. Omega-3 fatty acids also work to reduce skin redness and keeping the skin smooth. 

Talk with a Doctor or Dermatologist First

Though these are all-natural vitamins, nutrients, and minerals the body needs to sustain healthy skin, you never want to start taking supplements without consulting a dermatologist or doctor first. The reason is that too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Taking more of a supplement than you need will not make your skin look younger or better, but can have an adverse effect on your health. Bloodwork and expert advice from a professional is advised to make sure you don’t do more harm than good. 

There are a ton of products on the market today that make promises to help give you the young glowing skin you desire. While it may be worth investing in these products and services to enhance your looks, it doesn’t hurt to start with the inside. Incorporating these vitamins and nutrients listed above through your meals or with a dietary supplement can enhance your looks naturally.