Unfortunately, as it was inevitable, Eurovision 2020 has been canceled. I know, I know, I am gutted. As an American, Eurovision is a fascinating study of European pop culture, and to not be able to witness that this year, when we need it the most, it’s bumming me out.


As is common for entertainment events, Eurovision’s YouTube channel is chock full of videos from last year’s competition, as well as 2018’s, as well as the entry’s respective music videos. But that’s not all.

Along with all those nostalgic pieces of art, are the music videos for what would have been entries for the 2020 competition. That’s right. While we won’t have the live performances for Eurovision 2020, we will have the music videos for each one. And you best believe, dear reader, that I will have my own Eurovision 2020 where I rank all 42 music videos.

I will, of course, adhere to the rules of the Big 5: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy will have direct access to the final round. Also, since the Netherlands won last year and would have hosted this year, I’ll have Dutch-themed food made. It will be fun.

Hope you all partake in your own Eurovision party this year, and if it’s your first time hearing about Eurovision, then oh boy, you are in for a treat.

By Michael Jacobo

Photo: Eurovision