With this Coronavirus, we can thank fashion for bringing us back happiness!

The iconic musician with an unconventional style, Erykah Badu used fashion to confront the current Covid-19 crisis. On 13thMarch, In Austin, the singer arrived at the Filmmakers and Soundtrack Awards at the 20th Anniversary of the Texas Film AwaIrds with a very special outfit. In fact, she wore a custom hazmat suit spray-painted with the Louis Vuitton logo in an ombré black and red. The outrageous look was decontamination chic, Badu said, “social distancing couture.” Designed by the artist herself, and paired with feathers and fringe boots, this unique piece was the talk of the evening.

Fashion as a new form of expression, she approaches the subject with inventiveness. Few would take the initiative to design personalized protective gear. Her hazmat fashion moment is a creative way of addressing the fears and legitimate concerns people are dealing with in connection to the coronavirus outbreak.

In the last few days, fashion has been supporting this virus and brightens a bleak situation !

By Justine Duclaux

Photo: website