There are many paths most people can take in life, many of which can prove to be quite good, in most areas of measurements. The American dream of getting a good education to get a good job to buy a good house and have a good family with a good car is still alive and well for millions. Most people wish to have a simple life which is in line with this description of goodness. While opting to be a teacher, police officer, fire fighter, accountant, business person or other similar professional are often very common as they are highly needed in most areas, there are also more advanced and specialized degree programs, such as scientists, designers, engineers, chemists, architects, doctors and economists. If you can think of it, chances are, you can get a solid education in it and make a strong life for yourself.


At the base of everything in society is business. Without business, we wouldn’t have much. Someone has to make, produce and sell everything we use in our daily lives. From chairs and desks, to cars, to special tools to perform jobs, there’s a business model at the base of all of that, to enable the world to be what it is today. Businesses exist to provide a service or product, in exchange for monetary compensation. That monetary compensation churns back out into the world in the form of more business, employee salaries and benefits, stocks and dividends, etc. It could be said that business makes the world go round, and there are always abundant needs for people to work in those businesses.


Architecture and design. Every building you see, every bridge built, every house exists because of an architect’s design of it. Different styles evolve across the years from prominent architects in their fields of design. Students from all walks of life apply into highly competitive architecture programs each year, and only a small portion are accepted into this highly sought after field of study. Architects are highly specialized and very well educated in their field, and thus generally have exceptionally executed careers, whether working for themselves or a firm. 


Scientists, engineers, chemists, doctors, biologists and more. Science covers a wide variety of topics underlying it, which is growing now with genetics and epigenetics, neurology and similar fields of study, as well as macro subjects like ecology and astronomy. No matter your academic knowledge of the sciences, you’re a walking, talking, breathing chemical reaction. Everything we do, think, say, feel, hear, see and sense is a product of some scientific happening. To understand these academically, to know the history of origins and the intricacies and foundations of areas of study can specialize students into career fields they never dreamed of as a child. The world is always in need of scientists of all varieties to advance us forward.


What are you curious about in life, and what can you study to make that curiosity your passion and life’s work? Universities add new curriculum and fields of study each year, to advance with the progressing society and world’s needs, so don’t rule out something because you might think it’s crazy, or too rare. Chances are, if you care about something, others do too.