No matter if you’re strolling the streets of LA, doing some urban exploring, or traveling, your best companion is always and will forevermore be a douchebag. Everyone has come across a douchebag in their life and there are douchebags for everyone’s preference. Bello had the pleasure of receiving the multifunctional The Ace, and the sleek Petite this holiday season and we are in love. 
The Ace, is great for the active urban traveler who wants to travel with style. This bag is perfect for a weekend getaway, or as a camera bag for the modern photographer. Bello regards The Ace as the optimal bag for creative souls who are always on the go and want to be able to stop anywhere and continue working on their creative ideas while traveling the world. Consider all your necessary bags combined into one!
Everyone who has ever purchased a shoulder bag has at one point has buyers remorse. Either it was too small to fit anything, uncomfortable to wear or simply a bad decision, but honestly, we can’t say that about The Petite. Simply put: no more struggling with shoulder bags while enjoying a day out on the town. The Petite is designed by influencer Janni Deler to complete your look and is both a fashion piece and functional backpack. Created to be your ultimate accessory, the bag has more than enough room for your necessary belongings despite its cute name.