Co-written with actress Emma Roberts, Los Angeles singer/songwriter Lily Kershaw shares a new track, “Always & Forever,”from her upcoming sophomore album Arcadia, out November 15th.  On “Always and Forever,” Lily uses the metaphor of a bad relationship to explore her reservations around the concept of time and infinity. While she’s primarily known as a folk-pop artist, Lily consistently pushes the limitations of that label. Originally written as a guitar-based tune with her good friend, actress Emma Roberts, Lily instinctively decided to add synth, creating an 80s sonic texture without succumbing to any of the tropes found in today’s new wave nostalgia.

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Lily told,Writing ‘Always & Forever’ with Emma was an incredibly natural process. Emma shared with me poetry she had been writing and we decided to pull from it and create a song together. The song came together so quickly and the process of writing with her was a delight. For me the song is about one’s relationship to the idea of ‘forever.’ That could either be interpreted as perhaps a ‘forever’ romantic relationship or one’s relationship to existence and the nature of time. I usually find that I am expressing some sort of existential crisis in my work. There is a part of me that when I sing ‘always & forever,’ when you take do you feel better?” I am singing to those entities, to ‘always’ and ‘forever,’ horsemen of time.”

Emma added, “What started as two friends hanging out, sharing their music and poetry together, turned into the song ‘Always & Forever.’ I’ve always written poetry, but I usually keep it tucked away in my journal. Lily inspired me to bring it out and be creative in a way I haven’t been before. What we came up with is a song about wanting something to last forever, realizing that nothing does but taking comfort that there are some people & things that can make us feel like forever is real.”

Stay tuned for more on Lily’s up and coming album!