Getting rid of dark under eye circles and tightening your skin may feel like it requires multiple products, but with CBD Coconut Eye Gels from Mantra Mask you can ditch attempting to mix creams and serums for these simple to use eye gels. These eye gels are refreshing and odor-less and utilize multiple ingredients to reduce dark circles and inflammation, as well as tighten and soften skin.

All of these benefits are made possible by rye seed extract, pomegranate, and green tea while NANO Encapsulated CBD allows deeper penetration of the skin. While eye gels are not new to the market, the CBD inclusion is perfect for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Gladly, these ingredients can be used on all skin types!

Mantra Masks also carries 5 different types of masks and one type of charcoal cleanser. The masks include collagen mask, repair mask, after sun mask, blemish mask and an anti-aging mask, ALL with CBD included.

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By: Aris Pangan