In keeping with her reputation as a publicist, Anne Diagne has worked with a lot of brands during this past decade. Working with celebrities and influencers, on brand strategy, and launches, she succeeded with her last fashion event for the French brand Molly Bracken at the Moonlight Rollerway in Los Angeles.

The Roller Skate academy class of 2019, attracted a lot of influencers and celebrities such as Lilimar, Max Ehrich, Mitchell Hoog, Talia Ava…

In order to promote the new collection of Molly Bracken, Anne Diagne has been working on a special event for them to make it glamourous and fun.

No red carpet, but colorful, fun, and keeping the DNA of the brand into the set design.

“The strategy was to make people happy and back into the 80’s vibe, rollerskating, and old school music.” said Diagne.

Behind the scene, there are many responsibilities and a lot of work to make sure everything will be there on time. From managing the team to answering properly each question and helping the client achieve their goal…there is no moment to rest! In the end, all that matters is to make the magic happen, and have a good time and great images.

As a Publicist, Anne Diagne has been an expert in developping new concepts and had thought out of the box for each brand she’s been working with. The Molly Bracken event was a very memorable moment and a lot of fun for everybody.

By Alex Marie