BAREFOOT SCIENTIST has worked for years to find the perfect balance between comfort and style. This brand wants you to easily find ways to better understand foot health and beauty by “creating the best products in the world to help nourish your skin, freshen your step, ease your pain, revive your nails and save your soles.”

Their products vary from daily intensive hydration therapy to overnight moisturizing gel socks and every one of them addresses a different concern. Whether it be dry skin, blisters, nail health or more, Barefoot Scientist will be able to help you find solutions! Here at BELLO, we tried the REBOOT foot peel and it was a game changer!

This sensational brand has just entered 3,600 CVS doors on June 14. CVS has set up Barefoot Scientist’s products on a  two-shelf branded display unit to showcase seven of their products including Twinkle Toes, PreHeels+, Clean Slate, High Dive, Reboot, Sigh of Relief, and Rehab. This is the first-ever branded display in the foot care aisle of the retailer.

Barefoot Scientist believes that caring for your feet should be made easy and become a part of your daily skin, bath, and body care routine. Now you can stop into your local CVS and add Barefoot Scientist to your every day beauty routine!

By Alexandra Bonnet