You know that feeling when you have the perfect fit but it is missing a little something? Well, lately I struggled with that until one of my best friends brought over accessories, and BAM! An almost perfect fit was turned into a perfect one. And stylist, Jazmin Whitley, also understood this which is why she launched April J Jewelry, a line of necklaces, rings, and hoops to complete your look!

“April J was inspired by my love for perfecting an outfit with a piece of jewelry. I love the way my look is complete once I have my favorite gold jewelry on. My staple styles are here for you to shop and incorporate into your wardrobe.”–Jazmin Whitley

All in gold, here at BELLO we love to see how individuals see beauty and fashion; after all, it is always evolving! All hand-crafted and a family-owned brand in the US, you are sure to find a perfect fit (or one for a loved one). I mean hey! Holidays are coming and its time to make that wishlist! Go take a look and enjoy all April J by Jazmin Whitley!