After releasing ‘No Good’ in November, Ally Brooke has finally dropped the music video for the single.

Brooke showed off her dancing chops in the video with some crazy choreography that had the singer upside-down, sideways and in the air. Brooke made the choreography look effortless. This comes as no shock though. The singer was a finalist on Dancing With the Stars and received multiple perfect scores on the show. 

The video was very representative of the meaning behind ‘No Good’. The song is about not needing a man, despite how your heart feels. Some standout lyrics are, “Promise that I’m leaving but my heart only wants what it wants/In the madness/ What a feeling/ I’m hung up should be hanging it up/ Woah, You’re no good for me” In the video, Brooke dances with a man passionately but her face shows she feels conflicted. By the end, Brooke pushes the man down as she stands confidently alone.

Watch the ‘No Good’ music video here.

Brooke is also heading on her first solo tour in March. Tickets for the ‘Time to Shine Tour’ are on sale now.

By Shannen Tierney