After watching the second season of White Lotus, I thought to myself “should I move there and live Tanya’s best hypothetical life of not-being-murderded-by-these-gays/fall-off the-yacht- because-I-did-not-took-the-stairs-and-removed-my-heels-and-die”?
Side note, I think the White Lotus franchise deserves a series of prequels starring Tanya (#WinkyFace at you Mike White) … but let’s go back to Sicily and tour some properties!

Photos by Fabio Lovino courtesy of HBO

From “aspirational” to I could actually afford this place, there is a wide range of properties that would be perfect to live the Sicilian Dolce Vita, White Lotus Edition!


The first property is $6,521,739 (which in comparaison is a tear down lot in the Los Angeles area) a 223 year-old neo-Gothic style castle of the noble Pennisi family of Floristella located in Acireale. 22 bedrooms and 43,055 Sq Ft. to fill with all the antiquities you will collect roaming Europe … there is no pool which is the reason I am going to pass on this one, and also because, even tho a minor detail, I do not have $6.5M. But if you do, jump on a call with Sotheby’s International Realty who represent all those properties.

At $2,967,391 this pink-ish hilltop villa is a peppa pig on a vespa dream come true. Built on the highest promontory of the hill with two hectares of land. Make every morning a “white Lotus resort” breakfast moment. 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a library for all the books you will enjoy while sipping on a fresh limonade. Each room has access to outdoor spaces such as terraces or gardens.

If you are on a “Palazzo budget” The Antico Palazzo Nobiliare, an authentic jewel set in the heart of Palazzolo Acreide built in 1700 offered at $815,217 is perfect for you! It was just restaured in 1900 (123 years ago, but who’s counting when you own a piece of history?) The precious frescoes on the vault were made by the famous Catania painter Alessandro Abate. A beautiful garden offers the palace great brightness and air. The ideal place for evenings with friends. Located in an ancient village among the most beautiful in Italy, near the church of San Paolo and the ancient Greek theater. Yes it may require a little elbow grease from you, but picture yourself listening to the intro music of the White Lotus season 2 and you’ll get things done in no time. I have to say that I persopnaly, would totally keep the “decrepited” vibe. As I see it, it is move in ready, mix it with some comfy furnitures, cut the high grass in the garden and it’s all set for an Aperol and some pasta.

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