Let’s discover the brand that comes from the same city as Brigitte Bardot: Mana Saint-Tropez…

Marie and Sabrina, two sisters from Saint-Tropez, founded in 2016 a brand of moderns’ bags called Mana Saint-Tropez. The brand quickly became a success to a point that all the Parisians nowadays wear their bags in the city. Gossip Girl whispers to me that Kelly Rutherford aka Lily Van Der Woodsen is addicted to Mana Saint-Tropez baskets! So, what are you waiting to buy? 

The collection includes different models with different colors which can be personalized with your personal wishes. On each bag, you can write whatever you desire and the prices are affordable; they also vary depending on your personalization. The Mana Saint Tropez’s bags are sold on St-Barthelemy, Island, Greece, Corsica, Venezuela, Uruguay, United-States, Australia and more. 

It’s a new brand you should follow because their style is refreshing, modern, relaxed and authentic for all the women who love fashion. If you need to make a gift, offer a beautiful and trendy boho-chic basket for your fashionista friend!

By Justine Duclaux

Photos: Mana Saint-Tropez