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Going to a wine tasting event is one of the most fun things an adult can do. Whether you are new to drinking wine or consider yourself to be a wine connoisseur, there is something for everyone to try and to learn. Wine tasting events allow you to try different wines, learn about how they are made, and explore the different flavors and notes present in each glass. Here are some of the main things to expect when you attend a wine tasting event and what to look for in an exceptional wine.

What to Expect

Whether you are going to your local winery or a well-respected and well-known winery like San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, you should know what to expect so that you are not caught off guard when you walk in the doors. While each winery may be set up a little differently, they all strive to offer exceptional service and a relaxed and serene environment. Depending on the day and time that you attend the event, you may be able to hear live music, take a tour of the winery, and see how the wine is made.

On a traditional and relaxed day, you can sit at tables, both indoor and outdoor, and talk with friends and family members. You can sample different wines, enjoy food, and then purchase your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy throughout the day. Food and wine go together like bread and butter, so if the winery you place to visit does not offer food on-site, you may be allowed to bring in your own picnic basket and set up a picnic in the grassy areas. Try contacting the winery before attending to see what they offer since each one is a little different.

Visiting a winery, especially for a new or casual wine drinker, can be a bit overwhelming. While many people think that visiting a winery is for the uppity and upper class, this is not the case. Visiting a winery is something that every adult should enjoy on a regular basis. Try visiting one when the weather is warm so that you can sit outside and enjoy the relaxing and peaceful environment that wineries offer all of their guests. Try to read some of the reviews online to help you get a better understanding of what wines are offered at each winery.

What to Look For in an Exceptional Wine

Wine connoisseurs visit wineries often to taste and experience the different wines that were made that year, made in the region, and shelved for years. Typically, wine connoisseurs will travel around the country to sip on different wines and experience the full flavors and history of the wines.

Some of the main things that a wine connoisseur looks for while tasting different wines is the color of the wine, aroma of the wine, major notes, subtle notes, and texture of the wine. Before even sipping a glass of wine, a wine connoisseur is sure to study the color of the wine. They will look for the cloudiness of the wine and take note to make sure that the color of the wine matches the age of the wine. They will then typically swirl the wine. When swirling the wine, they will naturally expose the wine to the air which helps the aroma of the wine escape. Wine connoisseurs will sniff the wine as it swirls to let the natural aromas hit all of their senses.

After swirling the wine and exposing it to the air, they will begin the tasting process. They will let the wine sit on the tip of their tongue and savor the flavors in their mouth. They will take full advantage of the experience as they explore the texture, fruit flavors, boldness, and notes of the wine.

Wine connoisseurs are sure to talk about each wine in detail and take note of their favorites. They can make sipping a single glass of wine an hour-long experience. If you are visiting a winery with a wine connoisseur, you are sure to learn a lot about how to taste wine and how to fully appreciate it as a piece of art and not just a drink.