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From A to Z(oey)


 Zoey Deutch just oozes cool. Everything about this 19-year-old actress registers at a level 11 on the Cool Meter (and it only goes to 10)!

Yes, she hails from a Hollywood dynasty. For those unaware, her father directed the very awesome Some Kind Of Wonderful and Pretty in Pink, and her mother is the awesome Lea Thompson, star of so much cinema, it makes my head spin. Zoey’s sister, Madelyn, is a very cool actress too. Having a family around with so much talent and charisma, it seems like she was destined to follow in their footsteps. But while we chat over the phone, I have to wonder: did she have any other options?

“It’s funny when people ask me this question,” she notes, “because I never really have a straightforward response. The truth is, I don’t know. My parents are both very grounded, hilarious, kind people I really respect – not only as artists, but as human beings. They definitely influenced me in ways I don’t even probably know. So it’s kind of that thing of nature versus nurture. I definitely think this is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I probably would’ve always wanted to do. But, you know, having parents like this can help you get in the room. But it doesn’t help you stay there.”

When it comes to social media, Zoey always delivers to her fans. And as someone who happens to follow her on Instagram and Twitter and “like” every picture of hers without question, I can vouch for her dedication to her followers.

“I tweet and Instagram quite a bit,” she admits, “but I feel like I have a very love-hate relationship with it for multiple reasons. One, it’s super addictive. Two, it kind of leaves nothing to the imagination – there’s no mystery to me, especially as an actor. You want to be an enigma. You want to be someone who doesn’t get pigeonholed or thought of as their personality – that they can…fit into different roles.  But it’s hard in this day and age where you’re expected to be accessible. I think the reason I’m always Instagramming is because I’ve always loved taking pictures. It’s a cool platform.”

Fans of Zoey will also be quick to tell you that the girl has some serious style. I have yet to see a picture of Zoey on an off day when it comes to fashion – even while running errands around town. And after praising Zoey for her great style, I wanted to know her thoughts on her fashion-forward day-to-day…

“I have a weird dichotomy of wanting to dress very, very sophisticated as well as super fun and funky,” she describes. “So sometimes it works out. Sometimes not so much. In terms of designers, I love people who have a sense of humor about fashion. Like Mossimo or Opening Ceremony.”

After filming last month’s Vampire Academy in London and The CW’s sinfully delicious (and short-lived) Ringer in New York while calling L.A. home, Zoey is up for more fun-filled field trips when it comes to work. But traveling so often isn’t always as glamorous as it sounds.

“I think there are positive and negative aspects to both,” she explains. “I think right now in my life, I want to be working away from home and traveling, exploring, and going to places I wouldn’t have otherwise, because that’s such a cool aspect of my job. And probably later in my life, when I want to settle down and have kids, I’ll be much more inclined to work near home.”

Speaking of Ringer (and its star, Sarah Michelle Gellar), did Buffy The Vampire Slayer alum have any tips on slaying bloodsuckers before she headed off the UK to shoot Academy? “No. But it was awesome to have her approval. She took a picture next to one of my stand-up posters and sent it to me, which was super sweet of her.”

Having followed Zoey’s career since the beginning, fans (this writer included) have responded well to her knack for comedy and an awesome flair for dramatics. At this point in her career, she would love to maintain a balance between both. “I mean, you look at somebody like Sandra Bullock,” she says, “who, by the way, I’m by no means comparing myself – I could never be half the actress she is – I’m just using her as an example because she has such an incredible career being a well-respected dramatic as well as comedic actress in such a way that I so admire. Being able to go from Gravity to The Heatis so fun and inspiring. So I guess my goal and my dream is to hopefully do both in the near future.”

I have no doubt in my mind that Miss Zoey Deutch has a very bright future ahead of her. So bright in fact that, as the song goes, the rest of us will need to wear shades.






Production Bello Media Group | WORDS BY TIM MURDOCK