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From a villain to a god, the ever-Glamorous Zane Phillips

It’s no coincidence that our next feature is starring in the newly released show on Netflix “Glamorous” opposite the ever-fabulous Kim Cattrall. With a budding acting career, leading man Hollywood looks and a body to die for, actor Zane Phillips is sure to live a glamorous life. With the current release of the show, Zane is sure to quickly become a fan favorite, but this is not the first time Zane has graced the screen. Last year, Zane starred in the instant hit, FIRE ISLAND opposite Bowen Yang & Joel Kim Booster as the villainous Dex and also appeared in the CW series “Legacies” as Ben, a gay god in the Legacies universe.

Hailing from a small town in Texas who discovered his interest for acting through musical theatre, Zane was great in speaking with us as the world discovers his role in “Glamorous”.

Read below to learn more about the charming and charismatic Zane Phillips and he how brought to life Chad, the “perfectionist, jealous, self-perceived alpha male, and an insecure people-pleaser” His words, not ours.


From playing Ben in “Legacies”, Dex in FIRE ISLAND, Rolf on stage in The Sound of Music, and all your other roles, is there a character you would consider to be your favorite? The reason for it?

I actually gotta say it’s Chad. One thing that I’ve really been looking for in roles lately is a sense of being alive and reactive. What I love about Chad is that he is always trying to make things happen; he’s always making decisions based off of his immediate surroundings. So often male characters are written to be a little more stoic, a little less quick to act, and I like that I didn’t have to fight my impulses. Generally, what I wanted to do as an actor is what Chad was meant to do in the script. Plus, I think the character gets to dip into a lot of different pools, from humor to heart.

If you had to keep your future career to solely acting in either television, film, or theatre, which one would it be and why?

While I love being able to follow a character through a full arc, I also want to constantly try new things. So, I’d be happy with a successful television career, I think, especially considering just how much the medium has grown and evolved in the past 15 years.

How did you discover your passion for the entertainment industry, and what inspired you to pursue a career in it?

My in was originally through musical theater. A production of Man of la Mancha in high school established for me that the art form could be a pathway towards unlocking emotional awareness and connection, in a way I had never experienced before. From there, I found myself so incredibly drawn to the idea of theater as a key to the inner self, to the self that had been locked away by the pressures of being a teenage boy in a small town in Texas. From there, I just decided I wanted to see how far in this industry I could go. In a way, that’s where I still am.

Tell us about your upcoming role in “Glamorous”, who you play, and who your character is. What was the most memorable experience you’ve had shooting with the rest of the cast?

So, fittingly, I play Chad, Director of Sales for Glamorous by Madolyn and son to the eponymous CEO. Chad is both a perfectionist, jealous, self-perceived alpha male, and an insecure people pleaser, eager to earn his mother’s approval and make up for his father’s absence in their lives. When it came to shooting with the rest of the cast, I have a very specific memory of us all being in Chad’s office (frequently a holding space for the cast because it only has one main window) and dancing to “Energy” by Beyoncé because Renaissance had just been released and we

absolutely needed the energy. This is not a vibe you can easily cultivate on every set.

What does success mean to you personally, and how do you stay motivated and focused on your goals in an industry known for its challenges and setbacks?

Well, I think it’s a definition that’s always changing. In the past, success meant being able to have health insurance. In a way, that’s still my definition. But now, I think I look at situations where I felt appreciated and valued, and I realize that’s where I’m the happiest. It’s less about prestige and more about pursuing situations that make me feel emotionally healthy. But yeah, sometimes you do have to possess an incredible amount of patience to get to those points. And it’s never a single bar you get to cross. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by wise friends – without them I don’t know if I would be able to put all of that into context.

Can you tell us about any philanthropic causes that are close to your heart and how you utilize your platform to make a positive impact?

Well, I will say, before the pandemic I was doing volunteer work with the NYC organization the Possibility Project. I found a lot of value in that, specifically in getting to see how passionate this younger generation is about telling their own stories. As my career progresses, my only hope is that I can be a part of empowering people to feel like their stories matter.

What do you do in your free time when you’re not acting?

Well, now that I’m in LA, I’ve been able to do a lot more hiking. I love to bake. And I basically live at Stud Country, which is a country western dance night that happens twice a week. I am fully indoctrinated into the Stud Country cult. I would do it every night if I could.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto you live by?

I don’t remember who taught me this, but it’s been incredibly helpful: at any given point, everyone is their best in the way they know how. Life is frustrating, and this helps ameliorate some of that.

Bello is a fashion and lifestyle magazine. If you could choose, what would be your perfect day and how would you describe your fashion style?

I feel like I got pretty close to my perfect day when vacationing with friends in Honolulu this past December. Wake up, get some musubi, go on a hike, go to the

beach, eat malasadas, nap, eat an incredible sushi dinner, and then go dance our brains out. I have very few notes. In terms of my fashion style, I feel like I am finally coming into my own a little bit. My style has always been a little functional (I sweat a lot, so I tend to live in workout clothes) but now I’m sort of adapting it into late 90s camp counselor vibes, digging into flavors of my Texas upbringing as well, because evidently that’s in right now?

Tell us two truths and a lie. Hopefully, our readers will be able to point out the lie.

I’m right-handed. I’m approaching a year streak on the NYT crossword. Before working in film and TV I was a math tutor.

Can you tell us what other exciting things are happening for you in 2023?

Some really good naps, I hope.


Photography Aleksandar Tomovic @alekandsteph

Styling Michael Fusco @mikeystyles

Grooming Michaeline @mickbeauty

Interview Ed Solorzano @edsolo87

Production @bellomediagroup x @maisonpriveepr_la

Special thanx to @theledecompany