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This modern day Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers duo danced their way into the hearts of millions of viewers on the FOX reality dance competition SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (“SYTYCD”).  Allison Holker was a contestant on Season 2 while Stephen “tWitch” Boss was a contestant on both Season 3 and 4 and it was in Season 4 where he was ended up winning first runner-up in the competition.  When asked about their experiences and challenges on being judged by a panel of judges and being judged by millions of viewers, both agree that it takes a very strong person with a thick skin to handle all of the negative and the positive while staying true to who you are.

Although, they were in separate seasons, it wasn’t until Season 7 of SYTYCD ALL STARS is when Allison and Stephen crossed paths and a love connection started to form for the illustrious couple.  “The first time I ever saw him, I looked at him and I knew there was really something special about him.  He looked at me and my heart melted and we shared a dance and literally danced for three hours straight.  We didn’t even have to speak to each other; I just knew we understood each other.  It was the best dance I’ve ever had in my entire life,” beams Holker while tWitch goes even further to say, “When we shared that dance together at the wrap party, she literally stole my heart.  From then on, we danced, went on dates, laughed together, shared stories and entertained some of the most ridiculous conversations.  Then I went on to meet her daughter and it just felt right.  Everything gelled and (pauses and sighs) yeah, the best decision ever.”

When asked about making the adjustment from small town life (Orem [Utah] for Holker and Montgomery [Alabama] for Boss) to the City of Angels, the couple each has their own views and similarities.  Small town living has certainly blessed this humble couple who both come from family-oriented backgrounds.  “My favorite thing about Orem is that it is an extremely safe environment and I grew up knowing my neighbors, having school friends I used to run around the parks with and very family-oriented.  The dance world out there [in Utah] is absolutely phenomenal so I feel very fortunate,” reflects Holker.  When the same question was posed to Boss, his easy going, Southern demeanor surfaces, “There’s nothing like southern hospitality.  The food, the people, saying hello to random people on the street or in an elevator.  The summers were ridiculously hot, the food was high in cholesterol and the people were friendly.  It’s that community feel and not being afraid to say hello to random people or striking up a casual conversation.”

As far as dance influences and who has inspired them to become who they are, for Holker, the biggest influence came from watching her sister, Jessica.  “I saw her dance and I knew from that moment on that I was going to change people’s lives like how she changed mine at that moment.”  Holker even goes on to list famed choreographer Mia Michaels, the quirky and passionate Cyd Charisse and the multi-talented, Jennifer Lopez as inspirational figures.  Mainly a street dancer, tWitch’s dance career really didn’t start until later in life.  Some of his earlier dance influences range from watching SOUL TRAINlines to artists and dancers like Gene Kelly, Michael and Janet Jackson and all dancers who were background dancers.  “I think somebody that really influenced me a lot and the first time I saw them dance on television would have to be Wade Robson.  I saw him dance at the 1999 MTV Music Awards and I just remember seeing how hard he danced and the way he executed his movements.  You could feel his power from the screen.  I remember thinking how I want to be a powerhouse like that.”

When the question posed to both of them on what would you say to anyone who wants to pursue a career in dance, their answers were pretty much synonymous.  “Your biggest job as a dancer or anyone in this industry is to do your research.  You have to find out what makes YOU unique and what makes you stand out,” stresses Holker.  For tWitch, it’s working hard and constantly still moving towards your goals and staying on the right path.  “You’re supposed to entertain people and make people smile and enjoy themselves.  If you’re not entertaining yourself and you’re not happy, no one’s going to be happy watching you.”

When the topic of style and leisurewear was mentioned, Holker’s choice is a simple sundress and five-inch heels.  She also mentions designers G Star Jeans, Michael Kors, Peggy Hartanto and Valentino. As for tWitch, the sophisticated look of Ted Baker, Adidas sweatpants and Jordans.  The latter, so much, that he bought their daughter a pair of Jordan’s four times too big for her in the hopes that his love of Jordan’s would rub off on her.

As far as future goals and upcoming projects, Holker can be seen in the VH1 hit series HIT THE FLOOR which is headed into its second season.  Holker promises that every single episode in this season is going to be jaw-dropping, dramatic and hilarious as well as to expect the unexpected.  tWitch will be reprising his role in the fifth installment of the STEP UP franchise coming out August 8th.  A lot of characters from the previous films will be coming back and he promises that this will be the “biggest, best and ridiculously danced” STEP UP yet.  In addition to their on-camera work, they will be doing more behind-the-scenes work for SYTYCD as guest choreographers and tWitch will be guest judging for this season.  “It feels like I’m coming back home,” says tWitch on his return as a guest judge.  “It’s where I got my start and I’m able to come back in a different light.  I get to have a hand in shaping the new season so it’s nice to be there to lend my knowledge and speak from a street dance perspective.”  They are also creative directors of a website called DANCE DIRECT, a one stop shop for the latest in street dance wear or any kind of dance wear for that matter.  For this dynamic duo, tWitch sums up their lives the best, “Dreams can happen.  There’s plenty of room for people to live out their wildest dreams, but you really have to have the perseverance to do it.”

photographer ALEKSANDAR TOMOVIC www.alekandsteph.com

stylist SIMONA SABO www.simonasabo.com

makeup NICOLE WALMSLEY www.nicolewalmsley.com


special thanks to Yvette Poole and L’Cheriyve Studios

Production Bello Media Group