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Taryn Manning, Familiar Face

Tucson, Arizona native Taryn Manning has handpicked the roles she dives into for years.  Fully committing, a true actress.  This summer, her Emmy-nominated groundbreaking series, Orange is the New Black, returns for its third season, a very highly anticipated third season.  Manning is lucky to show up to work and be in the presence of such a madly talented cast of women, and they’re lucky to be in the presence of her.  Orange’s 14-episode third season will undoubtedly be the talk of the summer, the way it has been since its premiere nearly three years ago.  Manning plays Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett, an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary who has a very special relationship with the Lord.  She’s a character who is both lovable and eccentric.

This past spring, the 36-year-old traded in Pennsatucky’s beige prison scrubs to step into the real life shoes of kidnapping victim and survivor Michelle Knight, who was snatched by Ohio school-bus driver Ariel Castro and kept hidden in his home for 11 years alongside Cleveland teenagers Amanda Berry and Georgina Dejesus.  Manning portrayed Knight’s decade-long struggle in the appropriately titled Lifetime movie Cleveland Abduction, which snagged 3.1 million viewers the night of its premiere.  Readying up for the second half of 2015, her path looks bright.  The familiar face opens up about two of her most gripping roles to date.


Orange is the New Black came and grew very quickly.  What stands out to you looking back on three seasons of revolutionary excellence?

It did grow very quickly.  I’ve seen it happen to shows and it’s like, WOW, that’s amazing how something can start off on such a small scale and can pick up wind and carry on into such a legend.  I definitely am so grateful to be a part of a show like Orange, which has die-hard fans everywhere I turn.  I didn’t start off acting to become “famous,” I loved the art of acting.  Fame is a symptom for putting yourself out there, which is a whole other art form in itself.  However, for shows to succeed, it requires the talent and passion from every department.  That means makeup, costume, lighting, editing, and even catering, plus everything in between.  Energy is contagious and I feel like the viewers catch the energy we feel on set, and that’s what sets us apart.  I am very thrilled for the success and grateful for all the hardworking, talented people involved in our production.


I can’t imagine what it must have been like for you playing the role of Michelle Knight.  Seriously, was it as hard on you as it looks to be?

I wasn’t so sure how to feel entering the role.  I looked to different sources and did a lot of research in preparation for the film.  On-set, my techniques were different, which I won’t get into because a magician never reveals her secrets.  However, [the time] prior to filming was different.  Not only did I research Michelle, I really began to study the psychology behind both a victim and perpetrator of abuse.  I wanted to be able to take this amazing story of survival and portray it in a way that general society could comprehend.  No one can ever properly relive such hardship on a source used for entertainment.  However, once becoming Michelle’s friend, it became my moral duty to have the audience realize that this isn’t a story about a victim, [but] rather a story of a true survivor.  In my opinion, I think Michelle wants people to know that no matter the situation, big or small, we all can survive by having faith.


Shortly after being cast as Knight, there was word of your mother having reservations about the role.  Where was the concern?

This happened to a true person.  My mother, knowing how deeply I throw myself into my portrayals, she expressed concern knowing I would do the best I could to really experience this role.  Of course, once she had seen it, she loved it.  She watched it a few times and thinks this is some of my best work.  She also knows that I am fine now, but the initial concern was out of love for her daughter and the psychosis this has on human beings, whether it is acting or real life.  No one should ever have to experience anything like that.


Any last words for Orange fans?

Just buckle up and get ready for the ride.  You don’t know where a rollercoaster takes you until it drops!


photography JSQUARED PHOTOGRAPHY www.jsquaredphotography.com

styling ROBERT CARDENAZ at THE STYLE LIST / assistant Jasmine Ford

makeup DESIRAE CHERMAN at Tracey Mattingly

hair SIENREE at Celestine using ORIBE

nails PILAR LAFARGUE using Chanel

shot on location at Der Wolfskopf Pasadena www.derwolfskopf.com

Production Bello Media Group | Words By Dio Anthony