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South Korea’s versatile DJ/Producer and musician, SHAUN, has got us feeling HYPED. Over the years, he has been evolving in his different talents as he continues to also put on live performances all around the world. Over the years he has continued to make a name for himself in the world of music and we are all about it! Check out our exclusive interview below!

What about the music industry stood out to you the most before joining it?

When my first single was released in 2017, there were very few DJ/Producers who released their own original tracks in South Korea. I found it a shame that dance music was treated as music only reserved for the clubs.

Therefore, I began working on music that combined the strengths of two genres, dance and easy listening, in hopes that I could produce a sound that wasn’t confined to just the clubs or festivals but could also be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Around the same time, idol groups were immensely popular, and not many musicians were pursuing the kind of music I was. I believe this enabled my music to come across to the public as fresh and new.

When you began your music career, what goals did you first have and how have they evolved?

I started my music career as a member of a band. At that time, my band members and I were able to capture our fun and exciting energy into our music. We weren’t set on a specific goal, but rather we simply revealed in what was in store for us. Our days were a continuation of making good music, relishing our moments on stage, and wandering around the concert halls drunk.

Time passed, and in the process of making the band’s second album I told my bandmates, “Let’s make music that is enjoyed not only on stage, but that can also be appreciated on the way back home and that can be recalled to be sung again and again within the comfort of our homes. Let’s make that kind of song.”

To this day, I strive to make memorable music as I reflect on the words and resolve I shared with my members that day.

Is there anything you hope you can help change in the industry?

Currently, as many South Korean boy and girl groups are recognized and loved worldwide, I thought it very possible for some people to believe that specific part to be everything there was to Korean music.

I take great pride in the fact that many Korean indie musicians, singer-songwriters, as well as underground musicians are active and delivering fresh, diverse music. I want to introduce them and make them known to many people.

I too have been active in the Korean indie music scene, and I have a strong desire to support the passionate and hardworking musicians who are presently persevering. This desire pushes me to apply myself to improving and keeping my sound fresh.

Share with us what your music means to you and what you aim for while creating.

When I make music, I feel comfortable as though I’m home. Without it, I would not be able to explain my life thus far, who I am now, or even imagine who I’ll be in the future. I’ve set a simple and clear goal for myself: “To make good music that brings me joy while I’m making it.”

DJ, musician, and producer. Tell us more about each “hat” you wear!

I think the producer part of me plays the biggest role. I find great pleasure in envisioning and bringing to life a concept or picture I’d drawn out in my mind. As a musician, I’m able to find joy in singing and playing my music to those who like it. The joy I feel while performing as a band is especially great. Lastly, as a DJ, there is a certain gratification and appeal in having people dance and move to the music I’ve chosen and mixed with my own fingers. All three of them delight me in a very different way that I can’t let go of any of them. Considering my various roles, I make every effort to fulfill each one.

What is your signature while you DJ? Favorite way to get the crowd hyped up?

I don’t really have a signature since I can just play the music I’ve made and edited. While it is definitely fun to play one genre of music, personally, it feels more interesting to mix a variety of music spanning multiple genres. Of course, this in turn enriches the experience to be much more colorful and enjoyable for the listeners as well.

Growing up, what was one of your favorite music experiences and why?

I’ve loved movie soundtracks since I was young. Growing up, my parents’ CD collection consisted of numerous original soundtracks for movies. I really liked how listening to a certain song from the album could evoke the specific aura and atmosphere of the movie the soundtrack was made for. To this day, whenever I watch a movie that deeply resonates with me, I always find its original soundtrack to listen to again.

What comes next in 2022?

Beginning with my upcoming collaboration track with YUNA in February, I have plans to continually release music for March, April, and May. In general, I wish to deliver many releases this year. If possible, I would also like to go on tour and hold concerts. I sincerely hope that I will be able to meet all my fans around the world, who consistently shower me with love and interest, in person and perform my music in front of them. In my spare time, I upload various content on my YouTube channel and Twitch in order to communicate with my fans. I want to be able to continue this and reach out through streaming.

Talent SHAUN
Photo Credit 285, Warner Music Korea
Interview ALEXANDRA BONNET @alexbonnetwrites