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BELLO It Girl: The Charming Sarah Jeffery

By Alexandra Bonnet

The charming and talented actress Sarah Jeffery has been making moves recently with her role on the drama series CHARMED and her role on DESCENDANTS 3, coming out August 2nd. Having also starred on three seasons as Jennifer Lopez’s daughter on the drama series SHADES OF BLUE among other projects, Jeffery has been making moves in the industry. Beautiful and talented, Sarah Jeffery is on the rise and continues to do so as she balances her two worlds.

Tell me more about your experience being one of the lead roles on the drama series CHARMED.

I feel very grateful and lucky to have stepped into the role of Maggie on Charmed. The show itself has such a strong message, it’s very in line with my political views and is all for women supporting women, which I think we could definitely use right now. Additionally, Charmed is such an iconic show and was so ahead of it’s time, I was so excited to be a part of a new iteration of it. Maggie is also just such a fun character to play, very multifaceted. She’s smart, caring, and empathetic, but she’s also a girly girl who’s into fashion and I think its important to remind young women that they can be both these things and they don’t have to fall into one category.

How does it feel knowing that the second season of CHARMED has already been renewed?

It feels great. We worked really hard on the first season, long hours, intense fight scenes, lots of magical elements of course… I’m stoked to get to do it all again.

What do you look forward to the most in the second season? 

I look forward to developing the magical side of things. Potential new powers, more fighting and combat… I honestly have no idea what they’re cooking up in that writers room but I can only hope it includes some of that!

The Disney Channel Original Film DESCENDANTS 3 is set to come out in August. Which role do you play in it?

I play Audrey, Sleeping Beauty’s daughter. She was raised as a princess and has an attitude to match. You get to see a new side of her in Descendants 3, and I’m so stoked for people to see what we created for this third film in the franchise.

What are some key differences you have had to adapt to between filming a TV series and filming a movie?

I guess the main difference would be pace. With feature films you really get to take your time and specifically with Descendants, we had a lot of rehearsal time to nail our big song and dance numbers. You shoot a LOT less pages in a day with films. With TV the pace is insanely quick, sometimes you don’t get as much time as you want, and sometimes we shoot up to 9 pages a day. There are definitely pros and cons to both.

If you could have any powers, what would they be?

I would love to be able to teleport, I have such a busy schedule and not a lot of down time, so if I could teleport I’d save a lot of time on travel and actually be able to take vacations on the weekends!

How would you describe your fashion style? 

Honestly, it varies so much depending on my mood. Some days I’m a lot sportier, some days I’m girly and preppy, and other days I’m in chill street style clothes. Fashion is a big part of self expression to me so I’m always exploring new looks.

What would you say is your biggest goal in life? 

I guess I would say to continue working on great projects, and sign on to projects that I am excited about and can really get behind. That and just to be happy and healthy.

Could you share with me a favorite memory on set (any set) ?

One of my favorite on set memories was shooting the finale song/dance on Descendants 3. It’s allegedly the last film in the franchise (who ever really knows) and I’ve known these people for over 5 years now, and getting to perform with that family and celebrate what we’ve created over the past half a decade was really special.

Picture yourself 10 years from now: what do you see?

I see someone who has crossed off a lot of her goals but is still working very hard to cross off more. I definitely am a hard worker and will continue to be, and I hope that 10 years from now I am happy with not only my professional life but my personal life as well.

Photographer: ARIA EMORY @ariaemoryphotography

Creative Direction ALEKSANDAR TOMOVIC @alekandsteph

Styling: LO VONRUMPF @stylelvr

Hair & Makeup: NATALIE MALCHEV @glambynatalie

Hair & Makeup Assistant: APOLLO BARRAGAN @makeupbyapollo

Production: @BELLOmediaGroup x @MaisonPriveePR_LA

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