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Nezza Is Bringing The Heat!

The beautiful, sexy, and talented Nezza is not playing around. Truly an amazing artist, her heart and soul are on fire as she continues to release singles that are sure to get you up and moving. Music has always been a huge part of her life as her parents were always dancing around the house listening to their favorite tunes. Getting to know the English and Spanish market is like a superpower to Nezza and it reminds us that music is supposed to make you feel something–no matter the language. Let’s dance our way into the New Year with Nezza and spread some love and cheer!

What does music mean to you? Growing up, what role did it play in your life?

Music is everything to me. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t in love with it. My parents always had all kinds of music playing throughout the house and we were always dancing.

Who is someone you look up to the most? Was there a time when someone challenged you for the greater good?

I look up to JLo a lot. We both started out as professional dancers and I dream of accomplishing everything she has. I think being in this industry is constantly challenging but I’ve built up thick skin and feel like absolutely nothing can stop me.

Share with us your musical journey up until now.

The most I would sing growing up was in the shower haha! Dance took up all my time but singing has always been my first love. When I got to LA, I was put into countless girl groups under labels (none that worked out) and it wasn’t until a few years ago I decided to focus on myself and my solo career.

While creating music, what part if you do you hope to showcase the most? What do you hope to bring to your audience?

I want to prove to people this is what I was meant to do and showcase more of my Spanglish side. Most importantly, I just wanna make people feel good and dance.

Tell us about your recent songs. In what ways do each showcase a different strength of yours? What does a typical writing day look like?

My first EP “Club Solita” is finally out! I think this project shows the range of my sound. My song “Better Days” puts you in your feels but “Don’t Play” is the perfect club song. A typical writing day will be just having fun with my music fam in Miami. It’s always a great time when we’re together and we’ll usually just work from home.

What does beauty mean to you? And acceptance?

I think beauty means feeling good about yourself. Acceptance or self-love doesn’t come easy for some people and it’s not something that you can just fix overnight, but there are baby steps you can take. I surround myself with friends who constantly uplift each other. It’s helped me personally so much.

If you could be anyone for a week, who would you pick and why?

I think I would trade places with Elon Musk because I dream of going to space one day! 

In what ways does your bilingual side allow you to have a better understanding of life and the music world. How has it influenced your work? Who you are?

I feel like it’s a superpower getting to know and understand the English and Spanish music market. I get to enjoy double the music. I think being able to witness people like Balvin cross over just shows the power of just good music whether people understand the lyrics or not. A good song is gonna make you dance or feel something no matter the language. And for that reason, I embrace both sides. I can’t imagine not making Spanish music cause it’s in my blood.

When you are feeling down, what do you do to get back up?

I believe in retail therapy haha! I will usually get myself something to have a night of pampering when I’m feeling down. Or an evening with my girls also does the trick.

Plans for 2022?

I’m hitting the stage starting in January! And as far as new music, you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂




Talent NEZZA @babynezza
Photography MATT DOHENY @dohenyphoto
Styling POSHENKO @posshenko
Hair TONI BURNS @toniburnsla
Makeup SALLY STEINER @muaxsally
Art M. @mego_streetart
Interview ALEXANDRA BONNET @alexbonnetwrites
Production @bellomediagroup x @maisonpriveepr_la x @alexbonnetwrites x @frenchtoastpr