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The ABC’s of Marie


Some might say Hollywood was in dire need of a new tomboy on the scene…someone to kick ass left and right, all the while being sexy and never breaking a sweat. Such worries can now be discarded with the arrival of Canadian beauty Marie Avgeropoulos. Her name might be hard to pronounce, but her face is the kind that is hard to forget. New on the scene but with much promise, Marie’s taking a path not many actresses her age can. Get to know Hollywood’s next female action star. She may clean up nice, but don’t let the pulled back hair, rosy cheeks and perfectly glossed lips fool you. With a new series under her belt and the action-packed Tracers hitting theaters later this year, Marie Avgeropoulos is one to watch.

On her new action-packed film Tracers, in which she met now-boyfriend Taylor LautnerI had never been to New York before this. It was really exciting for me to learn how to train and do parkour.  I’ve always had a very athletic background growing up as a kid, so I was really excited to learn something new like that and really put those skills to work in a high-end action-packed film.

She’s a living, breathing action figure. I’m an adrenaline junkie, personally. I’ve always been a tomboy growing up in Southern Bay, Ontario. I’ve always been into dirt biking, I ride a motorcycle, I like to horseback ride, snowboard, and wakeboard…so anytime I get the blood moving through my veins and I’m able to apply that to a role, it’s a blessing for me.

No, really. She drives a Harley. I’m always asked where I got my love of motorcycles. I’ve always sort of been the black sheep of my family…so it definitely didn’t come from any of them. I started riding a dirt bike as a teenager, because I grew up on a dirt road on the shore on Lake Superior. When I moved to the big city, I said, hey, why don’t I put turning signals and a license plate on it?, and off I go.

Current Obsession. I just got a horse for the first time in my life. I’ve been spending a lot of time with that recently. I think every little girl dreams about having a horse, and now I have mine. I was able to make that dream a reality.

Must Haves. It’s so hard to talk about myself sometimes (laughs). But, I’m obsessed with tea. Any kind of tea I can get my hands on. I have about twenty types of tea in my kitchen right now and I drink it every chance I get. My ritual is to take a cup of tea and then shower before bed.

Stunt Queen. I have been doing my own stunts, any chance possible. In Tracers, I had a wonderful stunt double from Paris and she did a great job. But I had the opportunity to learn parkour prior to shooting the movie, so anytime I got to use those skills on the New York City streets, I did.  For the movie, we trained in a specific parkour gym in Los Angeles and in New York, I had no idea that places like that even existed, but they do.

Her new CW show The 100. Filming The 100 was a very especially unique experience for me. I’ve always been and outdoorsy type of girl, so being able to shoot a story about survival and post humanity survivors coming down to see if it was inhabitable in British Colombia was just a really wild experience, surviving the Canadian winter out there with the group.






Production Bello Media Group | BY DIO ANOTHONY