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Born abroad in South Africa, but raised stateside in sunny Los Angeles, California, MADDS got to experience her first EDM concert at the age of 13 which would change her life forever. Having taught herself how to write songs, DJ, and produce, the talented artist knows what hard work means and what it takes to get to where you want to be! MADDS, MAKJ and Mila Jam have recently released their song “Just Sayin” which you won’t want to miss! Get hyped this summer with MADDS!

Share with us your journey up until now. What did you kick your career off with?

I was born in South Africa and moved to California when I was about 4 years old. I started modeling as a child, and my mom represented me during the early stages, which was so, so helpful to have someone truly looking out for my best interests from such a young, vulnerable age. Modeling helped me become comfortable with constantly being in new settings, meeting new people, and how to be professional in a business setting, which are really important lessons that transfer to any industry, but especially over to the music industry.

And having always had a super creative side to me since I was young, I’d turn to music, and use it to express my feelings ever since high school when I taught myself how to write songs, DJ, and produce. So I started DJing around 15 years old- mostly doing it for fun and a creative outlet while I was modeling. And after a few years of experience, I started collaborating with more artists and then got comfortable enough to dive into music full-time. Since then, I’ve toured across Europe, Mexico, and the US, and opened for artists like Steve Aoki, Bad Bunny, Deorro, Martin Garrix, and more, and I have my own tour this summer and a Las Vegas residency. I’m releasing tons of new music, and feel like I’m really starting a new chapter in my career and could not be more excited!

How do you balance being a producer, model, and designer? What is your favorite part of each job?

Balance is definitely key! I love everything that I do from DJing to modeling to designing. I’m an extremely energetic person and really fortunate that I can channel my creative energy into projects across different industries. It’s a lot on my plate, but it all comes down to scheduling, timing, and prioritizing. My favorite part of each job is the collaboration process. I LOVE working with other people and bouncing ideas – the energy is so contagious and invigorating and inspiring.

Growing up, what did you dream of becoming? In what ways did your childhood steer you on this path?

I’ve always had this uncontrollable amount of energy and creativity! I’m super outgoing and talkative, so I love connecting with people on every topic under the sun, making people happy and spreading joy. My parents traveled a lot for work, and sometimes they’d bring me along, so I’d get to experience events that most 13 year olds wouldn’t – like a warehouse rave with Benny Benassi in Salt Lake City. That was where I really fell in love with music. I wanted to do something in a creative field. Maybe be a comedian because I love laughing and seeing people have a great time, and I think I’m pretty funny, too. Overall, I think my natural energy, curiosity, and drive set me up to pursue a career in entertainment because I work hard, have thick skin, and want to see other people happy and enjoying themselves.

Tell us more about your recently released single with MAKJ and Mila Jam. What does the song mean to you?

I am so, so excited about this collaboration! MAKJ and I are actually on the same agency roster, and I’ve always loved his music and vibe, so I knew that I’d jump at the opportunity to work with him if it presented itself. So MAKJ and Mila Jam had been working on this track, I connected with the lyrics on a personal level, and knew this was the perfect opportunity to work together, so I jumped! I got to add a positive, feel-good , summer vibe to make it more of a club record. It felt like a natural fit both lyrically and melodically, and working with MAKJ and Mila Jam was such an amazing experience! To me, the song means that if someone or something is not fulfilling you, that it’s okay to let it go so you can be your best unapologetic self. Taking control over your life, making your own rules, and not letting anything stand in your way.

What do you hope the audience will feel when playing this song?

I want people to be reminded that in life, there are no guarantees. There will be obstacles that are totally beyond your control, and it’s important to accept that in order to live your life to the fullest. So work hard, surround yourself with a support system that brings out the best in you, recognize your own personal worth, and live the life that you truly deserve.

How has your summer been going? What do you plan on doing until the end of the year?

My summer has been absolutely amazing so far! It’s been so monumental because I started my first Las Vegas residency, which has been a career dream! Working with the Resorts World and Zouk Group teams on this opportunity to open up their new property has been so exciting! I have a bunch of dates throughout the summer and into early Fall, so there’s still plenty of time for people to make the trip to Vegas for a weekend to party and have fun! I’m also playing tons of pool parties throughout the summer on my tour, so I can’t wait to keep traveling and bringing the energy to each place, especially with my new collaboration with MAKJ and Mila Jam – it’s the perfect summer-y jam, and I can’t wait to start mixing it into my sets.

What comes next?

I’ll be releasing new tracks almost every month. I’ve been working with some really incredible artists, so I can’t wait for people to check out these surprise collaborations! Collaborating with people across the dance community is truly magical and one of the most rewarding experiences! I’m also adding more dates to my Fall tour, so I can’t wait to play more shows and add more of my original music to my sets!

Talent Madds @madds
Interview Alexandra Bonnet @alexbonnetwrites

MAKJ x MADDS x Mila Jam – “Just Sayin’”
(Releasing via Armada Music)
Socials for all 3 artists:
Mila Jam: Instagram / Twitter