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Starring in SHATTERED, Lilly Krug plays the role of Sky who she prepped intensely for. Having had such an amazing experience on set, the actress did weeks of stunt training and in-depth psychological research about the psychic of her character. Facing her fears and finding ways to overcome them, Lilly is truly an inspiration to us all. Reminding us to stay true to ourselves and listen to what our body, mind, and soul need, it’s important to do so as we have each other’s back better than anyone else! Acting brings Lilly Krug a sense of purpose and we are excited to see what comes next!

Congratulations on your role in SHATTERED! How did you prepare for this role?

Thank you! It was a fascinating journey to explore Sky and her world, and I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it was. I did four weeks of stunt training where I learned to use every object as a weapon and did in depth psychological research about the psychic of my character. The more research I did, the more I could empathize with her and the more loveable she became. There is a vulnerable side to her, that carries a lot of childhood trauma. In a way, SHATTERED tells the story of her trying to gain her power back. When she breaks free from her abusive stepfather and experiences love in a way she has never felt before the only way she knows how to show love is through how she has experienced it; abuse. It was a challenging role to take on, I had to find that aggressive, angry, and psychologically broken part of her in me and vice versa. But that is what I love about this job!

In what ways did this project shift your perception on being an actress/ in the industry?

Shattered also re-emphasized the importance of teamwork to me. There is no feeling that compares to dozens of people working together, towards a creative vision, all eager to see a story come to life. The collaboration and the people you get to meet is one of the biggest pleasures. It also deepened my appreciation of bringing a vision to life. All the way from the initial seeds of the script to seeing the finished project. It is enthralling to tell a story and shape the way it comes together. You get to build a relationship with the audience and take them on an emotional rollercoaster of your character. To collaborate and work hard to see your idea come to life is one of the most rewarding experiences and it’s the creation that is so much fun.

Do you recall a conversation with someone on set that had a strong impact on you?

This one is a tough question to answer. There were so many inspiring people on set, and I learned something new every day. It was an honor working with our director, Luis Prieto, who pushed me to portray an unfiltered, unapologetic and yet light-hearted character. Another very impacting conversation was with John Malkovich who taught me that in real life we try to control or stop emotion rather than showing emotion. I constantly remind myself of that. Rather than playing an emotion or moment, you often try to hide your true feelings, which makes the acting a lot more natural.

Is this your first thriller? What drew you to audition?

I had a small part in a thriller called Every Breath You Take. What fascinates me about thrillers in general is the suspense and the pace of the story. It’s nerve tingling! However, what really drove me to Shattered was the interplay of the love between Chris and Sky, why Sky acts the way she does, and how she uses her attraction and feminine ways to lure him in. In a way it is a feminine story of a girl that uses all her assets available to make the most of the life she seems possible. The genre bending of romance, horror, action, and dark humor is what makes Shattered stand out and immediately got me to audition for the film.

What is a fear of yours and how do you overcome it?

Some fears are more difficult to face, such as certain emotional fears, that take a lot of strength to overcome and a willingness to confront those. I used to have a fear of being alone, and now I know that time alone is actually very precious and valuable. In order to learn how to not feel alone while being alone, I decided to hike Kilimanjaro alone at the age of 18. Without knowing anyone before landing in South Africa, and not having cell service for 10 days, I learned there’s something beautiful about getting to know oneself on a deeper level and appreciate the time you have with yourself. Another fear I used to have was of the deep ocean. But very early on in my life, I learned that the only way to overcome a fear is to grow through it. To try to witness it and experience that it may be irrational. Hence, quite early on I decided I wanted to try scuba diving and got my first license at 12 years old. Ever since I fall in love with the ocean more every day. Now I am fascinated by the depth of the ocean, the animals, and the ecosystem underwater. That taught me that fears can be transformed into something beautiful.

Tell us more about your upcoming role in THE PLANE. What can the audience expect?

The Plane is also filled with a lot of emotions! It is an action movie packed with a few unexpected turns and tells the story of how a pilot who guides the people in his surrounding to survival, but also find his strength and purpose for life again. The audience can expect an emotional ride and a gripping movie where they can’t look away. My character, Brie, is traveling the world with her best friend, when they find themselves on a plane about to crash on New Year’s, and it is a brutal journey to maturity for both characters.

How does this project differ from SHATTERED?

The Plane is an action driven movie, where the events drive the plot and continue to place the characters in challenging situations. Shattered, on the other hand, is more character driven, as the audience never knows what Sky is up to next. However, with both movies, the audience cannot anticipate what will happen next. What will Sky do next in Shattered, or what will happen to Brie in The Plane?

Do you believe you have found your purpose? explain.

Yes. I believe acting is my purpose because it does not feel like a job. I remember one day, we were driving home after an extremely long night shoot on Shattered, the sun just started rising and the driver asked me how I was feeling. All I answered was: “I’m pretty exhausted, but today was one of the best days of my life.” There is nothing more thrilling to me than bringing a story to life. I always seek opportunities and projects out of my comfort zone that allows me to continuously grow.

Photographer: Kristin Gallegos @kristingallegos
Makeup: Loren Canby @lorencanbymakeup
Hair: Kylee Heath @kyleeheathhair
Styling: Lucy Warren @lucywarrenstyle
Interview: Alexandra Bonnet @alexbonnetwrites

Special thanks to Slate PR @slatepr @lindsaymaguire @polisg