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King Bach: Where Humor and Heart Meet

Andrew Bachelor, better known as “King Bach,” has become one of the most influential names across the internet. Born in Canada and raised in the US, he went from star athlete to prime entertainer as he discovered his true passion for acting, producing, performing, and directing.  At first, he was releasing videos on Youtube and soon became one of the most followed viners out there. Today, he continues to climb the social media ladder as he inspires millions of people all around the world through his videos and acting skills on the big screen!

His most recent project, VACATION FRIENDS, is a comedy-filled film that you can stream on Hulu! His role in this project was cemented from the beginning as they asked Bach specifically to play it. “Vacation Friends was fun and such a great experience overall,” he opened up. “The script was hilarious and the people already casted were phenomenal.” Bringing his unique style of comedy to the table, King Bach can “interpret scenes in different ways,” which adds a little oumf to the project at hand…and we love it!

VACATION FRIENDS allowed the actor to work with talented and kind people as well as discover new talents! And in his case, it would be the talent of equestrianism. “I have limited experience riding horses, so preparing for that was interesting,” he opened up. “Getting on there and actually not falling off was something I was very happy about.” Giddy up!

Preparation is no unknown notion for King Bach. Through his different projects, he has learned of its importance as well as “the value of flexibility.” From directing videos to performing in them, he has discovered all that comes with each role. You must pay attention to the details and point out anything that could “make the scene better.” Something he carries with him everywhere and implements in his work.

This dedication and passion stem from long ago. Ever since he was a little kid, Bach wanted to act as it “makes me feel joyous playing different characters and just in sync with myself,” he shared candidly.  His love for pranks and stand-up comedy also sprouted as they always brought (and still do bring) a smile to his face. He continued, “hearing other people laugh with me in the moment has given me joy. I’m about to go on a stand-up tour so I am looking forward to that.”It’s safe to say that fully immersing himself into the world of creativity and art was a path he could not avoid.

Before he became an iconic figure online, Bach started off being part of a few acting troupes at Florida State University and then he moved to Hollywood where it became “a surreal, but exciting change.” Deriving from the world of sports, getting to where he is today took a lot of perseverance that he continues to implement every day. “My best advice is not to give up. To just focus on creativity and mastering your craft,” Bach shared with an open heart. “Hard work even when you don’t feel like working has helped me so much.”

Along with dominating the world of laughter and entertainment, Bach is also a philanthropist and entrepreneur. Philanthropy has always been very important to him as he pushes to bring better education to the table, hoping to give kids access to “the best educational tools to pursue their dreams whether that’s in science or fine arts.” Running his own non-profit organization, RuJohn Foundation, Bach holds acting workshops and gives scholarships to High Schoolers going to college in Jamaica. Moving with the worldly changes, such as the current pandemic, “we have started a food program to help feed families and other individuals,” he explained.

On the more entrepreneurial side of things, Bach’s business inclination leans towards new and unique ventures. Currently, he is working on a wine label, Six26, which is a world not many young men are part of. This wine label is a way for him to introduce something new to his audience. After all, good wine not only tastes great, it also brings people together which our young venturer loves to do. “The wines have been highly rated at festivals and other people seem to be enjoying them as well,” he added. Yum , yum! Pour me a glass, please!

King Bach is truly a multi-faceted diamond. He wears many different hats from entertainer to philanthropist, to entrepreneur, to director, and much more. His presence will light up a room and blow away any negative feeling. Bringing together all of his passions in his daily life, his next film set to release at the end of the year is called NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. “I have a series that I produced and directed called Kontaxt that will be released on Facebook Watch,” he added. Continuing to work on his music and content, you can also catch him on a stand-up tour in 2022! Many great things are happening for King Bach… So keep an eye out! And remember to always stay true to yourself and never give up…


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