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Kiana Madeira Is On The Rise

Kiana Madeira wowed us with our BELLO photoshoot that was shot in NYC! Starring in the horror film trilogy, “Fear Street,” the talented actress has truly stepped up in her acting game. Drawn to the role of Deena for her heroism and strength, the trilogy also caught her eye as it takes a stand in its own way by portraying stereotypes, marginalized groups, and more. Kiana can also be seen on Trinkets which has a second season! Grateful for all the opportunities coming her way, Kiana Madeira is a rising star in the industry as she brings heart, fire, and passion!

What was it like to find out you would be filming the final season of “Trinkets”? How were you feeling when you got the original news?

Honestly, I was just grateful to be returning to the set of Trinkets again. Our industry is so unpredictable and being renewed is not guaranteed. When I got the call that we would be returning for a second and final season, I was so excited to be reunited with the cast, to jump back into playing my character, and to be back in Portland, Oregon. Being told ahead of time that it would be our final season was a blessing because we were really able to wrap up everyone’s storylines and it felt complete and fulfilling.

Throughout the filming process, what is a moment that had a strong impact on you?

There is a moment that often comes to mind when I’m reflecting on filming Trinkets. It was during our second season; there is a scene where Moe, Elodie, and Tabitha are riding scooters on the street at night and just feeling so free and connected to one another. The way that our characters were feeling truly mirrored how we felt in that moment as actors on set. There was a moment of realization like “wow, I am being paid to do what I love right now, in the middle of the night, surrounded by amazing creatives.” It was liberating and I strive to carry that feeling with me through all of my endeavors.

Who did you connect most with on set?

Truly, I connected with all of my cast mates, which is rare but I think that’s what made Trinkets so special. From the very beginning, I connected deeply with my co-star Odiseas Georgiadis who plays Noah Simos. As we started filming the second season, I also started sharing time with Brandon Butler who plays Brady Finch and to this day, the three of us have a group chat and we speak every day. They feel like brothers to me and I love them a lot.

If you could go back in time to your audition for the show, would you have done something different? If so, what?

It’s always a great feeling when I have no regrets regarding an audition that I’ve done and I feel that way about my audition for Moe in Trinkets. I

had so many ideas and impulses in terms of wardrobe, how she would wear her hair, her attitude, her sense of humour. I feel confident in saying that I brought those impulses and ideas to my portrayal of Moe since day one. That’s always the best feeling- following creative impulses! I would not have done anything differently.

You will be starring in the horror film trilogy “Fear Street.” Why were you drawn to this role?

I was drawn to the role of Deena in the Fear Street trilogy because she is incredibly passionate, strong, resilient, and brave. She is a true hero. She’s tough, but she’s also vulnerable and as an actor, playing characters that were written to be so dynamic is such a dream. Not to mention that these films are so groundbreaking in the way that they subvert stereotypes, they take place over the course of 300 years, they are layered with social commentary, AND they’re scary! Everything about them has always been so exciting to me.

What are you most excited for your audience to see throughout these movies?

I am most excited for the audience to see the representation of marginalized groups of people on screen. Shadyside, the town that the story takes place in, is full of minorities and people who have been oppressed and told that will always receive the short end of the stick. These films take those characters and shine a light on them; they are our heroes and that’s so rare to see, especially in genre films. It’s refreshing and powerful!

In what ways does this show reflect how far you have come as an actress?

I think that these films showcase my heart. I really poured my spirit into the characters that I played and I think that’s the best reflection of who I am as an actor at this point in my life. This trilogy was physically, emotionally, and spiritually demanding and I am so grateful for that. Being a part of the journey to create the films has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and dive deep into my craft in a way that I had never done before.


Talent KIANA MADEIRA @kianamadeira
Photographer PETROS Kouiouris @petros_koy
Fashion Stylist / Creative Director MICKEY FREEMAN rep’d by The Only Agency @Mickeyboooom @theonly.agency
Hair CHERYL BERGAMY @cheryltbergamyhair
Makeup TOMMY NAPOLI @tommymakeup_
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Interview ALEXANDRA BONNET @alexbonnetwrites
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