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Model, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian, Jordan Emanuel is here to give a voice to the voiceless. Through her beauty and passion, she has opened her heart to the world as she aims to make it better a little more every day. Being named Playmate of The Year as well as Miss Black America New York, Jordan is also the Co-Founder of “Women With Voices.” Tackling all areas in life and f her career, she is an inspiration to all.

Throughout your career, what has been your biggest accomplishment up until now and why? What did this one, in particular, mean to you?

Truthfully, I don’t know. Being named the last ever Playmate of the Year was definitely major and not so much for the title, but because of what it meant to women that look like me and the messages I’ve received from that point onward about what it’s meant to them.

Growing up, what did you always dream of becoming/doing? What role do you believe you play in this world? Your purpose?

My dream was to be a fashion designer. I believe the role I play is to help people have the courage to follow their dreams and know that there is enough space for them to have what they want and aspire to be. Life is so short, I’ve learned that from experiencing a lot of loss, with that lesson it’s become so important to me that people live their life to the highest capacity.

Tell us more about your experience being named Miss Black America New York. What was the experience like? Who was someone that helped you throughout that time?

It was an experience I never thought I would have, I was never a pageant girl and still don’t consider myself to be one, title and all. Ultimately, I met some of my best friends through that experience and I will always hold it close to my heart. My cousin was Miss Black America 2014 and she held my hand through the process.

Share with us what Women With Voices is. What does it mean to you? How do you hope it will help others?

Women with Voices is a women’s empowerment nonprofit based out of Brooklyn, New York. To me it’s a unique space where women’s empowerment isn’t just limited to women supporting women, we also highlight and embrace men who uplift women as well. Philanthropy has always been an important part of my life as helping people is one of my most fulfilling activities

Why did you choose to focus on Mental Health Awareness and Sexual Education & Liberation?

They were topics I had personal experience with I’ve suffered from anxiety for decades now, I’ve gone through depression and continue to find strategies and coping mechanisms, so I felt it was important to shed light on those struggles and provide options for support for others as well. Sexual Education and Liberation stemmed from a program I did in high school called HiTops where we went to different schools to speak with kids about sexuality, gender, safe sex, and their bodies as they go through hormonal changes. I felt it was important for women to have access to that same knowledge while also learning to feel comfortable and empowered in their own skin.

Has a personal experience with this pushed you to start this foundation?

I’ve always been involved in philanthropy, even as a young child. To me, it was second nature to expand that into my own lane.

In what ways can others help? What do you believe is one of the biggest challenges our world faces today and how should we overcome it?

I think we have a hard time letting people just live their lives without imposing and projecting our own insecurities, fears, and unsolicited opinions onto others, which is a horrible habit that has led to the suppression of so many groups of people and individuals. For starters, everyone needs to read the book, The Four Agreements, it’s a game-changer. After that, everyone needs to put in the effort and time to educate themselves and break down those fearful thoughts and actions they’re projecting.

What do the next 5 years look like?  

I’m hoping the next 5 years will bring a successful swimwear line, 844SWIM, which will be launching this year. I hope to see Women with Voices reach international levels where we have different chapters in different countries. And I hope to expand my level of reach in terms of how I can help fund other people’s aspirations.

Talent Jordan Emanuel @jordy_jor
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