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Izabella Alvarez is rising in the world of film and television as she currently stars in The CW drama The Republic of Sarah and voices the lead character in Nickelodeon’s Daytime Emmy Award winning series The Casagrandes. Having known at a young age that acting was her path of light, it’s true that entertainment has played an important role in her life! Reminding herself to instill self-love and care in her daily routines, we are excited to see more of the beautiful, Izabella Alvarez!

Share with us the moment you realized acting would become a career. What was it that helped cement this?

My dad was asked to audition for a Walmart commercial and casting wanted all the actors to bring their real life families. So my whole family went to this audition and accidentally ended up booking it. I was just a 6 year old on this big national commercial set, never wanting to leave. I was having the time of my life. I even think I cried when they picture wrapped me for the day. I’ve been doing it ever since.

In what ways did film/television save you growing up?

I think entertainment in general saves everyone. I specifically just remember sitting in a movie theater at 8 years old getting chills when the lights would dim and the film would start. To see people that you look up to on the big screen there’s something so magical about that.

You have been working on many different projects lately! How do you balance them all?

A good support system — taking time for myself. I always tend to keep every project separate, that way one character doesn’t leak into another.

On the set of “The Republic of Sarah,” how did you prepare for your role? Was it hard getting into your character’s brain?

I have a playlist for my character Maya so anytime I was in the hair and makeup trailer i would have my headphones in listening to it, especially on days with more emotional scenes. I always felt like Maya was an extension of myself, so thankfully getting into her head was effortless.

What do you believe was one of the strongest scenes you filmed and why?

Its actually a scene in episode 11 which isn’t out yet. Maya and her father Luis talk about her mother & all the hardships they’ve been through. It was such a special day cause it was my last day working with my wonderful dad on the show played by Salvatore Antonio. I have such an incredible bond with him, so any scenes with him are a delight. It was a beautiful, intimate, emotional scene.

You also play in “The Casagrandes” and “The Loud House.” Can you describe your experience on both sets?

Since the beginning, when I started at age 15 until now the team has been so lovely and supportive. They’ve trusted me on many occasions & I’m forever grateful that Nickelodeon has allowed us to bring a Mexican American family to animation. In regards to the loud house, the producers have continued to include Ronnie Anne on their show. I’m happy to share that I’ll be making an appearance in their upcoming Netflix film “The Loud House Movie” releasing on August 20th.

What do you love most about voicing a role? What is the most challenging part of it?

It’s honestly so fun. Once I get going with the voice, I lose myself into the character. It’s like an adrenaline rush. One of the engineers actually asked me the other day “how do you do Ronnie Anne’s laugh so easily and on the spot?” I was like, “I’ve mastered it and a certain part of my vocal register knows how to do it automatically”.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I have an incredible sense of direction.

Upcoming projects?

A few in the works that I’m very excited about…

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