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BELLO It Guy featured in BELLO #195

Up and coming artist, Iann Dior, is making moves in the music industry
By Alexandra Bonnet

With all the talented rising artists around us, iann dior definitely stands out. He’s got the style, he’s got the vocals and he’s got the charm. He started off by writing songs which allowed him to share his story and from there it just took off. He has been building his life one block at a time and is definitely making moves in the industry! His tour in 2020 is coming up soon, so keep an eye out!!

What inspired you to write your first song?

I started off writing just for fun and liked that it gave me an ability to tell a story. My first song what about a breakup in high school.

How did you gain traction on Soundcloud? Who was your audience at the beginning?

I would put out a song a week and everyone went crazy for it so we just kept doing it. The same people that are my audience now were at the beginning, it’s just bigger now.

What is the music scene like in your hometown in Texas? Describe your songwriting process. How do you know when a song is finished?

Not big. I would make music with my best friend. It’s not finished till it sounds right for me. I go in [to the studio] listen to some beats and whatever I like I start writing to it. I usually freestyle a melody over the beat and then fill in the words.

How has your sound changed/or evolved since moving out to LA?

I’ve grown more into myself and my own sound. It’ll constantly evolve too. Moving to LA coming from Corpus Christi there’s no limits — nothing holding me back. I worked with Internet Money for my album [Taz Taylor, Nick Mira] so you’ll get to hear it all for yourself.

What was it like filming your first music video? Did you take part in the creative process behind it?

Yes and it was crazy because it was the first time I was in LA and it was sort of the start to everything.

What has been your favorite collaboration so far? Why?

I would have to say my collab with Gunna because the shit is just hard.

Which project are you most proud of? 

It’s unreleased!

How would you describe your style?

It’s me — just categorize it as iann [LAUGHS]

Favorite quote? 

“A wise man once said nothing at all.”

What is one message you would give to your fans? And now, what is the best advice you have received?

Be yourself because no one else is gonna be it for you.
Things could always be worse and you’re always in a better position than you were before.

What can fans/ soon to be fans expect from your Industry Plant album?

Pure energy and good music— go listen to it and you’ll find out for yourself.

What’s next for iann dior?

I got tour coming up in 2020 and I’ve been on the studio every night working on lots of new music.

Photographer: MEECH @meech213
Creative Direction: ALEKSANDAR TOMOVIC @alekandsteph
Stylist: ALEX CLOUGH @alexclough.style
Grooming: CANDICE BIRNS @hairbycandicebirns
Production: @BELLOMediaGroup x @MaisonPriveePR_LA x bonnetalex18

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