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Designer, Hila Shtork Zigdon, embodies all that it means to be a Creative Mind. A designer who aims to help women find chic and on a budget, her brand ZCRAVE is all that you can wish for and more. Also known to dress some of Hollywood’s top celebrities, Hila makes sure to make everyone who crosses paths with her right at home. Her pieces are fashionable, comfortable and so cute! It’s nice to know you can rely on a designer to provide the best pieces possible with the intent of making us feel like our best selves! Enjoy!

Tell us the story of ZCRAVE and what it means to you.

The tag line behind the brand is Z’ CRAVE FOR WHAT YOU CAN HAVE. Z it’s the first character of my family name. CRAVE is about craving. We are always craving for what we can’t have. ZCRAVE was created to deliver high-end fashion at affordable prices. These are the stories that drive us: the millions of individual passions, dreams, and achievements that should and could be expressed. ZCRAVE is about affordable fine clothes to be worn, not to storage. styles that are desirable without losing their integrity as something practical / boring 🙂 to me, it means making people happy.

What are some obstacles you faced and how did you overcome them?

OMG, that’s a hard one. Every day there’s something new… I think the bold one is to make it in the US as Israeli but if you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere you’ll find existing at the end of the day.

How has your journey evolved and what are some things that have happened with ZCRAVE which you did not expect?

My journey started when I was 22. I own a visual/digital design studio (GOOTTE). I’ve done a lot of successful branding and eCommerce websites for big brands. I decided to switch from working on clients’ projects to my own brand after realizing I understand the market and that I’ll be able to create really signature stuff. I never learned fashion. I’m a visual artist. I started designing fashion 10 years ago with my basketball and football team while I designed the team uniform and had the “fans” store. It was fun. I used to work with Nike, Puma, and Umbro. One of my designs did so well that about 15 teams over Europe played with the uniforms I’ve designed. ZCRAVE Journey started in 2017, and it feels like every day is a new journey on its own. I didn’t expect Paris Hilton to comment on my post as I didn’t expect to discover that “P!NK” has been a client since 2018. I didn’t expect to have to deal with thousands of orders so fast and I wasn’t ready on the logistics side. I’ve faced a lot on this journey. Moving from a warehouse to an independent store on Madison Avenue New York was scary and challenging at the same time. I think it’s one of the smartest moves I’ve made.

As a woman, what are some challenges you have had to overcome?

Splitting my life between Israel and the US. Leaving my kids when I’m in New York it’s not easy for me. I’m a freak control mother – last January I got stuck because of covid for almost 3 months in the US, i couldn’t go back home. It was very hard for me and the boys but I think they’ve become very independent because of the way we live our lives.

Some of your favorite pieces you have released? And why?

F3TISH Blazer + Pants Matching Set

FIFTH AVE Feathers Dress

F3TISH Blouse & Skirt Set

The F3TISH Print series brings both a sexy and sophisticated look.

Aiming to help women find chic and on a budget, what is the best advice you would give?

Getting pieces they’ll feel sexy and elegant now and in 5 years.

Growing up, who was a role model and how did they impact who you are today?

I’ve always been into art. my favorite artist is Igael Tumarkin. I’ve learned a lot from the elements he combined to an artwork. It’s all about combinations.

Beauty/fashion is always evolving, how do you evolve with it?

If I get married again, I believe I’ll wear a black dress. I’ll just continue to take my risks 🙂

Tell us more about your relationship to art and how it has helped you.

Fashion uses art and the opposite, analogous to history, as a visual model for its contemporary interpretation. The elevated position that is given to the fine arts in occidental culture is employed by fashion to raise the cultural capital of its creations. I’m a collector of Igal Tumarkin, he’s art hard for some ppl, as mentioned above I am inspired by his material combinations and in fact, our signature F3TISH is named after one of his sculptures.

In both your life and career, what are some next steps you hope to take?

It’s hard to separate my life and my career, it goes together. we’re currently working on ZCRAVE Men’s line while I’m traveling from one basketball practice to another with my boys 🙂  I’d like to see my career grow to a role model for my boys.

For more ZCRAVE info, visit: https://zcrave.com & https://www.instagram.com/zcrave/?hl=en