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Hassie Harrison: Igniting Her Light Inside

By Alexandra Bonnet 
Hassie Harrison, who stars on YELLOWSTONE, opened up to us here at BELLO about her experience on set, her upbringing and more! Filled with such light, you can hear the excitement in her voice as the talented actress described some of these experiences. Her beauty and talent are evident on and off screen as she makes her way up the ladder of success. Taking in every moment, every new experience and encounter, Harrison is letting her light ignite and we can’t wait to see where it takes her next ! 

As an actress, what is your favorite part about the job?
I love getting to meet new people and to participate in the collaboration and creation of art, design and fantasy.   It keeps life very interesting and exciting, which is important because I’m very curious by nature. This work allows me to explore what makes people tick, both in the characters I play and the cast and crew I work so closely with.  If you are genuinely interested in the people around you, you’ll never be bored.
Was there ever a time where you hesitated on which career path to pick?
Ha!  Show me an actor who hasn’t! Laughs A few years ago I was in one of those valleys where it felt like a career in acting wasn’t going to happen for me.  But with the support and encouragement of some great friends, I stuck to it and ended up booking Tacoma FD.  Timing is such a funny thing.  Watching the trajectory of other actors’ careers has always been fascinating to me. You really have to stay in your own lane if you want to stay sane.
How has your experience on YELLOWSTONE been going?
It’s been incredible. Taylor Sheridan is truly gifted on so many levels. His vision for the world of Yellowstone is so clear and precise which makes the experience of acting in it, that much richer.  It’s an honor to be involved in and privy to his process. My fellow actors are so talented; they have really raised the bar for me.  I am doing my best to rise to the occasion.  The cast and crew are all warm, hardworking and lovely people and I’ve learned a lot from them.  Yellowstone has changed me both personally and professionally.   I am forever grateful.
Share with us a moment on set you can never forget.
It was the first day.  We were on set in the bunkhouse, and I was working through my first-day nervousness when Kevin Costner walked in.  My heart rate skyrocketed to be in the same room with such a legend.  He sat down behind the camera, cup of coffee in hand, to watch the scene and I remember thinking, “Oh damn, I just officially leveled up.”
How does YELLOWSTONE differ from other projects you have worked on? 
Yellowstone is my first Western and let’s just say this Texan is over the moon about it. Not to mention, the production value of this show is extraordinary. Each episode is shot like a movie. That’s a really special thing to be a part of in this day and age. We also go through Cowboy Camp as part of our training, which feels like a return to my childhood.   I love being able to ride horses all day and dig deeper into my Western roots.
Tell us more about your very first time on a set. How were you feeling? What was it for?
My first gig was on a show called Hart of Dixie which was shot on the Warner Bros lot in Burbank.  Driving to set in a golf cart, surrounded by the giant stages of well-known shows felt surreal to me. When I saw the set of True Blood, an absolute favorite show of mine, I screamed with excitement.  Everyone turned to look at what was going on.  Needless to say, I’m an ultra-smooth operator.
How would you describe your fashion style?
Ever evolving…I have made huge efforts to lower my overall consumption these last couple of years.  I’m gutted by the statistics of how much waste the fashion industry creates. I do my best to help create a more sustainable industry by buying predominately second-hand. I love websites like TheRealReal, ThreadUp, and Poshmark and have been finding some great pieces, some real scores!
What is something about yourself that most people don’t know?
I really thrive in an academic environment. I graduated high-school early and went to college when I was fifteen and studied business and archaeology. I also did a semester abroad in Copenhagen where I studied European cinema, which was a great experience.  Looking back it’s clear that my education grounded me and gave me the confidence needed to strike out on my own and give acting a try. I worked really hard in school and I’m proud of that.
Who was your celebrity crush growing up?
I grew up watching Legends of the Fall on repeat so Brad Pitt as Tristan will always hold a special place in my heart. Also, James Dean. I had a poster of him in my room growing up. What an absolute smokestack he was.
You can choose any project to work on: what genre do you pick?
Hmmm. probably a dark comedy, western, fantasy, superhero project. My apologies for the obnoxious response but that question is impossible.
Hair Clayton Hawkins
Makeup Melissa Hernandez
Stylist Marc Eram