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In the ever evolving landscape of superhero films, it seems like Sony’s Spiderverse continues to put out fresh concepts that audiences are hungry for, and Madame Web is no exception. Introducing four new female superheroes, Madame Web, played by Dakota Johnson, is tasked with protecting 3 future Spiderwomen. One of these Spiderwomen, Mattie Franklin, is played by Celeste O’Connor, who we had the pleasure of sitting down with to discuss their life, passions, and all things Madame Web.

It seems like Madame Web is just the start of a successful career for the 25 year old, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for them.

How did you initially become interested in acting?

I always wanted to perform. As a kid I would put on fashion shows and concerts for my family. I was in choir and orchestra growing up where I played the violin and sang. So acting was a natural interest because I was naturally performing and telling stories from a young age. And then meeting Tayarisha Poe on the set of Selah and the Spades cemented my love for acting. She inspired me so much to see the power of storytelling.

Madame Web comes out February 14th! What are you hoping this film will achieve for the Industry?

I hope that Madame Web paves the way for more young women as superheroes. I feel really inspired by my character Mattie Franklin and her journey to empowerment. I hope she serves as an example for young Black girls that we can be the heroes of our stories.

What initially drew you to the role of Mattie Franklin?

I loved Mattie Franklin because she was so confident, self-assured, impulsive and brave. I love that she jumps into life head first and is willing to take risks and go on a wild adventure. I think I’m similar to her in that way.

You recently stated in an interview that a Spider-Man character you’re eager to do a crossover with is Miles Morales. What about Miles’ caracter draws you to him?

Miles Morales is so brave, funny, and honest. He’s a kid from New York like Mattie and what he really wants is friendship and connection and love. I love that he chooses his friends and family above all else and I think our characters would be great friends.

What was it like spending time on set with other renowned veteran actors like Dakota Johnson and Emma Roberts and actors recently finding large amounts of success such as Sydney Sweeny? Would you say a portion of your time on set was dedicated to learning from your fellow actors and actresses?

It was an honor to learn from the actors around me, especially Sydney and Isabela. I really admire how they advocate for themselves and throw themselves into the filming process with such passion. Most of my time on set was spent with Sydney and Isabela – we instantly became friends and our mission was to support each other creatively and emotionally throughout filming.

What did an average day in the life look like for Celeste while shooting Madame Web?

In the mornings me, Sydney and Isabela would meet up in the hair and makeup trailer and catch up. Then we would go to rehearsal and practice the scenes with the director SJ. Then we would start filming! In between takes, the girls and I were talking, dancing, playing music and taking selfies.

You immigrated from Kenya to Baltimore, where you were raised. How did that transition in a new environment have an impact on your life?

It made me super adaptable to new environments. Immigrating from Kenya also made me really interested in travel, global politics and global health because I grew up caring about and being affected by the remnants of colonialism in Africa. It broadened my perspective. So when I went to college I learned about my interests on a global scale not just a national scale. The transition from Kenya to America also gave me the ability to speak to and relate to people from all different cultures and backgrounds. As a young person I was balancing my African heritage and customs with growing up in America so that gave me the ability to understand multiple perspectives at once.

Aside from acting, you attended school, studying public health and pre-medicine. What about these subjects interest you?

I was really interested in what it means to be healthy and well in a society that prioritizes corporate profits over everything else. I was also interested in who gets to experience wellbeing in this country. I grew up watching my mom as an African immigrant experience so much stress, lack of proper healthcare, and emotional and social isolation. And I also grew up with a white American father who never seemed to have the same problems. I was fascinated and disgusted by the inequality that I could see in my daily life and I wanted to learn more about the root cause of that inequality.

Now for some obligatory fashion related questions. On a day off, what’s your usual go-to comfy outfit?

My go-to comfy outfit is my bright green sweatpants from Beyonce’s Renaissance tour and the matching sweatshirt.

Are there any fashion pieces or accessories that you’re obsessed with at the moment?

I’m obsessed with Robert Wun’s latest collection. He’s one of my favorite designers of all time and his latest work is just immaculate.


Photography: Raynier Badua @raenbadua

Styling: Bleu @styledbybleu

Makeup: Nicole Bueno @n.colebueno

Hair: Shelbeniece Swain @theshelbyswain

Digitech & Lighting: Miles Caliboso @mlmc.tmp

Interview: Robby Wong @shehatesrhude

Production & Location BELLO Media Group x Maison Privée @bellomediagroup @maisonpriveepr_la

Thank you to Erica Tucker and Cierra Wiseman from AM PR Group @amprgroup