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Elujay’s debut album “Circmvnt” is finally here! A perfect way to get HYPED on this fine Tuesday, we are excited to share with you our exclusive interview with the talented artist. Having been drawn to the world of creativity his whole life, Elujay recognizes that in life it takes a village and continues to embody that spirit in his professional and personal life. Make sure to check out his latest album and enjoy!

Tell us more about your debut album that is coming out.

It is an album about finding specific transitions in your life. I made it at a point where we were finding different ways and shifts out of such a harrowing period. We had to switch our entire mode in interpreting the world and how we go about our daily lives. So it was kind of made out of that. I don’t want to say that the album was made out of frustration, just a general gripe that I had with how the world was shifting. It’s a dynamic album that has a lot of different sounds. It’s one of those albums where if there were a few things I would want to say before leaving this earth, this would be an excellent album for that.

What does this album mean to you? 

This album is my introduction to the world as an artist. Everything that I’ve done from High School leading up to now. I became a stronger version of myself. To me, it simply means growth. Sometimes, it’s just that simple.

Pick one of your favorite songs from the album and explain what the true meaning behind it is. 

My favorite song is ‘Ratrace’ because I think that song is very anthemic of the entire album. It speaks to the core of what the album is really about. So, it’s about this idea of feeling lonely and feeling like it’s easier to cop out and dissociate from the world instead of competing in this rat race of life. America is a rat race if you break down the financial institutions and how the government regulates us. Everything is a competition, you’re competing for wealth, essentially, and I feel like the pandemic brought that out. It made people realize what’s going on, and the blinders were removed.

Have you always wanted to be an artist? Growing up, did you always love music as you do now?

I don’t think I necessarily always wanted to be an artist. I’ve always wanted to do something creative. When I was younger, I felt that being an artist or a singer was corny. I think I wanted to be a rapper if I chose any creative field when I was 10. Obviously, I was into so much other stuff when I was younger, but I always thought that being a singer was corny.

What is one of the harshest truths you have ever had to face? How did you overcome it? 

I’ve had to face the truth that I can’t always do it by myself, and that I need a team, whether it’s on the business end of stuff, emotional support, or even on the musical side. It comes with realizing that I can’t always rely on myself to get shit done. I feel like it’s been a hard thing for me to face since I’m a very self-sufficient person. It bogs me down when I can’t do something on my own.

On a daily, what are ways you cope with stress/anxiety? 

I go on long hikes. I like to go on 6-8 mile hikes. It’s my form of working out and getting cardio. If it weren’t for any cardio, I probably would have had a terrible burnout because I was on the brink of burnout trying to finish this record. That brought sanity and clarity in such an authentic way.

With the New Year coming up, any changes you hope to see in the world? In your own life?

I’d like to see normalcy and no covid. More festivals and more shows; I want to see people’s beautiful faces when I’m singing on stage. I also want to travel and see more parts of the world. It’s been an ugly two years, so let’s get rid of that stuff!

Photo Credit Khufu Najee @khufunajee
Interview Alexandra Bonnet @alexbonnetwrites