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Corey O’Brien: Reminding Us We are Never Alone

A true jack of all trades, it’s safe to say that Corey O’Brien has been making moves! Tapping into his creative side on a daily basis, you can find him on a variety of platforms. Open about his own struggles with addiction, O’Brien is truly a guiding light for those around him. Using his platform for more than pure entertainment, his stories and hard work are inspiring for those who are going through similar experiences. In a world where it can feel like “every man for themselves,” O’Brien reminds us that we are never alone. Expressing himself through art and more, Corey O’Obrien touches the hearts and minds of many.

By Alexandra Bonnet

We see that you have been busy with shoots, TikTok, YouTube, and content creation. What do you do to unwind and center yourself? 
I find solace in journaling, working out, and spending time outside. I thrive off of being busy and have been thankful during this time that I am still creating, but I have found it is just as important to take time away from my work to focus on my mental health.

Why was it important to you to be open about your struggles with addiction?
I found it to be very important so I can also be open about recovery. I haven’t seen many young people talk about addiction or sobriety and felt a push to speak up. With all that is going on in this world, I wanted to share my story I could give some support and inspiration to anyone struggling. Isolation has impacted many people in recovery and I wanted to do my part in providing strength and creating space for this topic to be discussed.

You recently announced that you teamed up with the non-profit Shatterproof. Can you tell us about the organization and what you are working on?
Shatterproof is an amazing organization that is transforming addiction treatment, ending stigma and creating change. After I released my letter in OUT Magazine speaking on my sobriety, I knew I wanted to continue bringing awareness to the disease of addiction and advocating for change. Teaming up with Shatterproof was the perfect fit because we share the same mission and are working on some incredible things together to spread the message of hope and recovery.

What are the similarities and differences that you found being on TV versus creating your own content for YouTube?
The similarities would be there is always a storyline and certain procedures that are followed to get the best finished product. I would say that being apart of different shows on TV was an awesome experience and I always looked forward to seeing the final edit. The difference with creating content for YouTube is that I get to be hands on with the production, editing, concepts, and creation. I love being able to show my creative side and watch my ideas come to life with YouTube.

What is something you never leave home without? 
A mask.

Who has been a strong influence in your life?
My mom. Watching her overcome what she has in life to get to a place of peace, self love and success is truly inspiring. She has found a way to use her voice and story to give back and provide support to those in need, which is something I am so proud of.

Growing up, what were some factors that pushed you into the entertainment industry?
I have always loved being able to express myself by creating art or movement. Being on stage for the first time was such an incredible feeling that I chased ever since that moment. I found love, acceptance, and confidence in dance. I couldn’t imagine my life without art, so I decided to go full force at what I wanted. So whether I am dancing in a music video, TV show, or online, I have always found joy in my craft and thankful I get to spend my time doing what I love.

When you dance, what is running through your mind? 
Surprisingly, nothing is going through my mind and I think that is why I love dance so much. It is the only time that my mind completely shuts off and I am so focused on the movement and the way my body feels.

What is a piece of advice someone gave you that you have carried with you to this day? 
“Do not let the opinions of others stop you from doing what you love”

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Hopefully in a world where everyone is treated equal.


Photography VINCE TRUPSIN @vincetrupsin
Stylist QUENTIN FEARS @mrqfears