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Conversation with ARMANI JACKSON

BELLO: It’s been a busy year for you in your career, tell us about what you have going on: 

ARMANI: I’m currently filming a new supernatural tv show for paramount + called Wolf Pack and it will be releasing later this year. I also have a film coming out on the 29th called Honor Society. In my downtime Ive been writing and recording my own music.

BELLO: Tell us about your experience filming Honor Society?

ARMANI: Filming Honor Society was a blast. Everyone was so down to earth and welcoming to each other. Playing Travis, a closeted gay teenager was an honor because I got to tell a story that still doesn’t get told enough, and for that I’m grateful.

BELLO: How is filming going in Atlanta for Wolf Pack?

ARMANI: Filming for Wolf Pack kicked off a month and a half ago and it has been going more than amazing. Ive already gotten really close with the cast and have also done most of my stunts.

BELLO: Can you tell us anything about your character yet?

ARMANI: In the new series Wolf Pack I will be playing Everett, A 17 year old who struggles with anxiety and is constantly on the verge of a panic attack, but is actively working to improve his mental health with therapy, meditation, and medication. His condition is only exacerbated by his parents constant criticism and condescension. After being trapped by a wildfire and attacked by a mysterious creature Everett discovers he has new extraordinary abilities. Everett is not only injured, and confused, but suspected of starting the wildfire.

BELLO: Were you a teen wolf fan? 

ARMANI: I actually hadn’t seen Teen Wolf prior to booking the role however my sister was a pretty big fan when she was younger so I was completely familiar with the show and it’s creator Jeff Davis.

BELLO: Let’s talk about your music career, can we expect any new music soon? 

ARMANI: I have a new single coming out July 28th called Roll With Us on top of much more music that I’m going to be releasing throughout the year

BELLO: You write all of your own music, can you tell me about that process? 

ARMANI: Ive been writing my own music for about 2 years now however I’ve always had an interest in writing since a young age. I picked up on the process pretty quickly with the help of trial and error. I like to start with a melody and fill in the blanks, keeping a fluent story throughout my songs is really important to me.

BELLO: I heard you love vintage clothing shopping, what are your favorite fashion designers? 

BELLO: I’m really excited to hear more about the foundation for mental health you started? What prompted you to start this? 

ARMANI: My family and I started the foundation Beautiful Minds 999 this month for Mental Health and Drug Addiction to help fight the stigma of it all and to educate people to celebrate all of the beautiful minds we have been given. To not think you are crazy just because your mind isn’t “normal” and to embrace it. We will be providing lots of education and outreach on holistic psychiatry and various holistic modalities that can be used for mental health issues and drug addiction alongside holistic psychiatrists. We will be partnering with the Social Impact Fund 501c3.

BELLO: Will there be merchandise and what’s your favorite mental health quote? 

ARMANI: Yes, we are currently working on a line of apparel for it with proceeds going back to the foundation. My favorite quote I’ve seen on a sweatshirt is “it’s okay not to be okay”.