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It’s absolutely amazing seeing the different talents emerge across the country and world as they bring new styles, unique voices, open hearts, and more. Here at BELLO, we are all about supporting talent from all over and are excited to share with you RAWLE, from Canada, who channels his true and authentic self as he continues to embrace music and all it has done for him and what it can do for others… Bright souls that inspire us all, keep reading on to discover more from our BELLO WATCH!


You had a dream and turned it into a reality. Tell us more about your journey entering the entertainment industry.

It still definitely feels like I’m dreaming a little. Just being able to do what I love and being embraced for my art is one of the best feelings in the world. The journey has been interesting but very fun and fulfilling so far. I have learned so many lessons, good and bad, from entering the entertainment industry.

Tell us a story about the first time music helped you overcome something difficult.

Growing up I was picked on in school quite a bit. There were a lot of untrue rumors that were started. I had turned to music to make me feel better. I had an entire song selection of my favorite artist ready to help drown out the pain I was feeling from being picked on in school.

You have your EP coming out “Find My Way!” congrats! What is it about? What does it represent for you?

I am so excited about this EP because it is my very first one and it really describes me and who I am. With it I share some of my stories in the songs and how I overcame my hurdles.

Growing up, what was your family dynamic like? Who do you resemble the most in terms of character?

Growing up my family life was a little complicated. I grew up with my stepmother and father and I saw my mother when I could, which wasn’t very often, which took a toll on me. I would say though I am most like both my parents. They are both very strong personalities and go-getters. I’m a tiny bit more like my mother. She always groomed me to do my very best — and no matter what she wants me to be happy.

What does music mean to you?

Music is like oxygen to me. I need to breathe and function and to carry on. It’s just so much a part of me — like my hands and feet are. I need music desperately.

You were also a co-host! Favorite part of that experience?

Yes! it was so much fun. My favorite part was the guests and meeting the talent that would come on the show. We always had a blast chatting and it was so fun interviewing and hosting a TV show.

Have you ever been told you could not do something… and did? Explain.

Absolutely. I was told I couldn’t do so many things, music being one of them. At first, I believed it. But as time went on, I quickly learned that it was not true at all! Once I put my mind to it, I achieved everything I wanted to — including building a strong music career.

In what ways do you use your platform to promote more than just music?

I use my platform quite a bit to speak out against injustice to anyone. I am big fan of the underdog and I use my platform to offer exposure and spread light on issues that sometimes may not be getting as much attention as they should.

How do you like to “get involved”?

I like to get involved by meeting people. I’m very outgoing and love to be a part of positive environments. I love to help others and if it’s a good cause I will get involved.

What comes next?

What’s next is me preforming my new songs, touring, and building my name. I want my music to make people feel good and I want to be of service to my community by using my music. I am focused on booking shows and touring over the next little while.

Talent RAWLE @rawlemusic
Interview by Alexandra Bonnet @bonnetalex18 @alexbonnetwrites