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Starring in the recently released series, REBEL, Ariela Barer plays the role of “Ziggy.” Inspired and motivated by the story and the rest of the cast, the young actress put the best of herself into preparing and acting her character. Having been a bit of a rebel herself, back in the day Ariela can’t wait to see what projects come next as she continues to build herself a little more every day both as an actress and as an individual! Stay Tuned!

How are you feeling about being part of “Rebel”? What are you most excited about it?

Honestly, so good! I’m really excited to see what people take away from it. Each character is so interesting with such a distinct perspective it’ll be so fun to see what the audience gets from it.

In what ways do you relate to your character? 

I think Ziggy is very quietly sensitive in a way I’m kind of discovering I am too. Just someone who internalizes the things happening around her whether she vocalizes her feelings or not it always affects her very deeply, and drives her to act down the line.

Who was someone you connected with strongly on set? What did they teach you?

Honestly, everyone! I’ve had a lot to do with Katey of course who has been such an angel. She is such a natural leader and caretaker, it’s been extremely helpful to have someone so supportive around all the time. And she’s carrying the whole thing without ever complaining. It’s really something to watch.

As an actress, what pushes you to work harder? When you are not too sure about a role, how do you prep for it?

Something that has pushed me to work harder on Rebel specifically is looking at the caliber of work from the people around me in every field. Everyone is so experienced and brilliant it pushes you to rise to the occasion.

Prepping for a role I’m not sure about takes many forms. I often have to adjust my process according to the circumstances of every project. So no concrete answer there, just vibes.

What does acting mean to you?

My relationship with acting is ever changing and transforming as I grow and change. Right now I love to be part of telling a larger story, especially one I care about so much.

Share with us a story of a time you were rebellious. 

I was in a punk band in high school and we…. got into a lot of rebellious activity…. Next question, please!

Tell me more about your childhood and how you were brought up. 

My parents both moved here from Mexico. My dad is a classical composer and my mom is a jack of all trades. She wrote for a popular comedy radio show in Mexico and also makes jewelry and beautiful visual art. My sister Libe is also an actress and a great writer as well. Just basically grew up in a very artistic family that was always supportive of anything I wanted to do.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Ideally expanding on the work I’m doing currently. I’ve become more and more interested in behind the scenes work and cultivating a community of artists I can work with for the rest of my career which will hopefully span the rest of my life.

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