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The International actor, Antonio Lujak, brings class, talent, and charisma to the set of any show/film he is part of. Currently, he will be starring in “Nexus Dream,” a film with intricate conflicts, characters, and storyline. Having started acting at a young age, this career path was always floating over his head as the years went on. Continuing to produce more, act more, and pursue his goals and dreams, Antonio Lujak is on a non-stop train to success!

You star in the upcoming film “Nexus Dream.” Share with us what your experience on set was like.

The experience on the set thus far has really been amazing. The cinematographer has done a beautiful job and has a creative eye. It’s been extremely cool to see everything come together as well as the Director’s vision come to life. I love the story and all the incredible details the art department has executed. Overall, I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of such a great team and to be given the opportunity to challenge my skillsets throughout this journey.

What do you believe is the highlight of the movie?

I believe the highlight of this movie is all the conflict and drama within the characters. They are all coming from different levels of society and backgrounds, yet the story merges all of their perspectives to create an interesting story.

Tell us more about your role in it and why you were drawn to auditioning for it. 

My role in the movie is ANTON.  He’s the man in black, slick, in his 30s, he looks like Alan Delon, his countenance is the pure definition of mysterious, very dangerous, and vigilant- not allowing anything to slip by him.

Have you always wanted to be an actor?

I’ve always wanted to perform, whether it’d be in acting or modeling. I had the experience of being an actor at a very young age and I was immediately fascinated and impressed with the movie set and how everything works!

What has your career been like up until today?

My career thus far has been very rewarding. I have gotten great opportunities to show my skills and challenge myself throughout the years. But I’m extra excited about my role as a producer in this movie because it has showed me a new perspective in the movie industry- Therefore making me a more well rounded actor and creator.

You speak many languages! In what ways does being immersed in so many cultures help you see things differently?

I’ve been blessed to live in many different countries and cities. This has made me look at things differently; giving me a lot of experiences with different cultures. I believe that it has made me understand certain roles and characters more authentically while giving me a more creative eye.

Share with us a story of a time you reinvented yourself and your life. Describe.

every country I’ve lived in has come with its own challenges and it’s been rewarding to look back at how I’ve adapted and overcome adversities.

What do you hope to accomplish in the upcoming years?

I hope to continue challenging myself in the movie industry as well as excelling in new projects that I’ve been working on over the years.

Favorite memory to date?

One of my favorite memories was that I was in a Hollywood movie which was filmed in my hometown, dubrovnik. I was born there and have a lot of great memories. So being able to do what I love in the place I love most was very special and dear to my heart.

What comes next?

I can’t wait to finish the movie, send it to the film festivals and watch my dreams come to life. I will continue producing new projects and growing my career.

Talent Antonio Lujak @antonio_lujak_
Photography Céline Haeberly @celineshoots
Interview Alexandra Bonnet @alexbonnetwrites